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Dexter Morgen

  1. hell, Michigan
  2. Metal
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  1. Astral Lore
  2. Foreordained
    by Phobocosm
  3. Sparagmos
    by Spectral Voice
  4. Grave of Urshilaku
    by Mysterivm Xarxes
  5. The Rhythmus Of Death Eternal
    by KRVNA
  6. Invoking Spirits of Ethereal Madness Part I
    by Feral Spirit
  7. Graven til Måneåpenbaringer
    by Gryftigæn
  8. Hallucinatory Forest Rituals
    by Moonshrine
  9. Legacy
    by TeHÔM
  10. Tämpelskläng
    by OPHANIM
  11. CVLT
    by Phantom Winter
  12. Sundown Pleasures
    by Phantom Winter
  13. Into Dark Science
    by Phantom Winter
  14. Memory Alpha
    by ProtoU
  15. Kataphasis
    by Metatron Omega
  16. Timeless
    by Mindwarden
  17. Rhan-Tegoth
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  18. Whispers of forsaken desire EP
    by Devouring Famine
  19. Ikuinen Kirous
    by Iku-Turso
  20. transient
    by rýr