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  1. The Quarantine Tape
    by Phoniks
  2. Cenário
    by FloFilz
  3. That's The World
    by Anti-Lilly & Phoniks
    That's the World That's the World
    Album is tight it's on replay.
  4. Transit
    by FloFilz
    I cant wait to listen to those albums.
  5. Soulapowa
    by Awon
    by Like
    AP3X AP3X
    Great album no fillers. I cant wait to get the record.
  7. Light At The End
    by Dragon Roots
    Autumn Autumn
    Album is amazing but that first song, hits my soul.
  8. Down To Earth
    by Phoniks
  9. I Think We've Met Before
    by Dread Solo
    The album it's self is amazing.
  10. Marlowe
    by Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham)
  11. Technical Knowledge
    by Maartn & BennyBen
  12. Beautiful Loser (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by Awon
  13. Time
    by SinApse
    A nice cool chill song....
  14. The Prerequisite
    by Ill Conscious
    Everyday Everyday
    Great album from beginning to end. Brought back memories of 90's hip hop. Continue your success.
  15. The Actual Proof
    by Awon & Phoniks
    True To The Facts ft. Anti-Lilly (Cuts by DJ Fellbaum) True To The Facts ft. Anti-Lilly (Cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
    The album is amazing, no fillers will be on repeat. Great job to all of you continue the great work.
  16. Dreamland
    by Sleepdealer
  17. Phoniks - Floatin' (Hip Hop Symposium EP #6)
    by Phoniks
  18. Above The Clouds
    by Phoniks x Raashan Ahmad
  19. The Essence
    by Ill Conscious
  20. A Sense of Blu
    by David Begun