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  2. Alternative
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  1. Milyakburra
    by Emily Wurramara
  2. Friends with Feelings
    by Alice Skye
  3. #1 Fan (LP)
    by The Pink Tiles
  4. Keep Up
    by Loose Tooth
  5. Happy Man
    by Party Pest
  6. Little Ugly Girls
    by Little Ugly Girls
  7. Cling Clang Clutter
    by Empat Lima
  8. Cold Hands Warm Heart
    by Cold Hands Warm Heart
  9. Rule Of Four
    by HEXDEBT
  10. On Diamond
    by On Diamond
  11. I Could Have Been A Castle
    by Lisa Salvo
  12. The Arrival
    by Hot Wings
  13. Don't You Have Better Things to Do?
    by Kate Alexander + Hana Brenecki
  14. Songs Under Sinks EP
    by Kate Alexander
  15. Palm Springs & Friends
    by Palm Springs
  16. Birds And The BEE9
    by Sampa The Great
  17. Leave Love
    by Dianas
  18. Twerps
    by Twerps
  19. Weird Friends
    by Moody Beaches
  20. Off Into My Head
    by Dark Fair
  21. B Sides and Rarities
    by Jen Cloher
  22. In Blood Memory
    by Jen Cloher
  23. Live at The Loft and Loew's
    by Jen Cloher
  24. Dead Wood Falls
    by Jen Cloher
  25. Hidden Hands
    by Jen Cloher
  26. Red Love Witch - Extended v.1
    by Bitch Diesel
  27. Jacky Winter 12" Double EP
    by Jacky Winter
  28. Tell Me How You Really Feel
    by courtney barnett
  29. Modern Convenience
    by MOD CON
  30. Second Of Spring
    by Beaches
  31. Jen Cloher
    by Jen Cloher
  32. You Shouldn't Be Mine
    by Dark Fair
  33. Up To Anything
    by The Goon Sax
  34. 'Terry HQ'
    by TERRY
  35. Oh Wow / Newcomer
    by Plaster of Paris
  36. School Damage
    by School Damage
  37. Cable Ties 7"
    by Cable Ties
  38. Listen Up
    by Dark Fair
  39. Penny Universe
    by Dark Fair
  40. Lost In The Sea of Paradise
    by Other Places
  41. Wet Lips
    by Wet Lips
  42. A Quality Of Mercy
    by RVG
  43. Aubergine Dreams EP
  44. gender studies
  45. Suss Cunts
    by Suss Cunts