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  1. Hark!
    by Andrew Bird
  2. PHOX
    by PHOX
    Evil Evil
    Monica's voice is like a warm breeze on a cool day.
  3. Who's That In The Fog?
    by Tom Rosenthal
    A Thousand Years A Thousand Years
    Make room for Tom in your life. His music is the fresh air that we all need.
  4. Fenn
    by Tom Rosenthal
    We Can Always Come Back We Can Always Come Back
    Feel like laughing? Feel like crying? In typical Tom fashion, this album has a little something for everyone.
  5. Z-Sides
    by Tom Rosenthal
    Have We Met Before? feat. Fenne Lily Have We Met Before? feat. Fenne Lily
    It's always fun to hear an artist reimagine their own music, and Tom does a splendid job with this record. I mean, his music is generally acoustic, but these versions of the songs bring out new emotions. There are some great collaborators on these songs too!
  6. The Pleasant Trees (Volumes 1, 2 & 3)
    by Tom Rosenthal
    Listening to Tom is like spending time with a dear old friend.
  7. Fear of Death
    by Tim Heidecker
    Property Property
    Tim keeps us all grounded by singing songs about our shared mortality. It's time to start taking Tim seriously--he's got real talent.
  8. Free Love
    by Sylvan Esso
    Frequency Frequency
    In a world where there never seems to be enough love, Amelia and Nick fill the void with another great record of songs about loving/living.
  9. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
    Checking In Checking In
    From soothing piano melodies paired with soft synths to heavier electronic rhythms that get your heart pumping, this soundtrack has a little something for everyone. (I will admit though, some songs raise my blood pressure because I have flashbacks to playing the difficult segments of the game over and over again...)
  10. græ
    by Moses Sumney
    Polly Polly
    I bought this record without knowing anything about it, and it was an excellent decision. The entire album is woven together intricately. There's a lot to feel and unpack (in the best way possible).
  11. Made the Harbor
    by Mountain Man
    Animal Tracks Animal Tracks
    Filled with beautiful, tightly-woven harmonies, these songs fill the listener with a feeling of nostalgia for simpler times.
  12. Sorry You Couldn't Make It
    by Swamp Dogg
    Good, Better, Best Good, Better, Best
    Swamp Dogg is a treasure. For an artist who has been recording music for over 50 years, this album is fresh and full of life (as well as the emotions that come with living). Bonus! Features two appearances from John Prine!
  13. WITH
    by Sylvan Esso
    Slack Jaw Slack Jaw
    Sylvan Esso at their best. As a duo, they're excellent, but the full band backing them on this record brings new life to these familiar tunes and reimagines them as even more robust and beautiful works of art.
  14. TESSERACT: An Acoustic FEZ Album
    by Materia Community
    Sea Spray and Seagulls Sea Spray and Seagulls
    This expansive reimagining of Disasterpeace's works meanders through different acoustic styles (orchestral, piano, classical guitar, and even a touch of polka). Lots of talent and variety.
  15. Modern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of Vibe
    by Theo Katzman
    Like a Woman Scorned Like a Woman Scorned
    Theo Katzman's latest brings out a more serious side, with critique and commentary on modern issues. Theo doesn't pull his punches on this one!
  16. Bolu
    by Tom Rosenthal
    Don't You Know How Busy & Important I Am Don't You Know How Busy & Important I Am
    Tom has a knack for writing songs that are upbeat, catchy, and silly, but simultaneously capturing the notes of sadness that color humanity.
  17. Strange Satisfaction
    by Woody & Jeremy
    Too Hot in L.A. Too Hot in L.A.
    Woody (Goss) and Jeremy (Daly) really knock this out of the park. This is an incredible mix of serious and silly funk. I laughed out loud at Green Dress, and Too Hot in L.A. is an absolute bop.
  18. What The Brokenhearted Do...
    by Tim Heidecker
    Hard to believe this came from the same brain that brought songs like "Wipe My Butt" and "Hot Piss" into the world. This album is relatable, heartfelt, and well produced!
  19. The Fearless Flyers II
    by The Fearless Flyers
    Flyers Direct Flyers Direct
    Feels like flying in First Class.
  20. Hill Climber
    by Vulfpeck
    Don't just listen to this album "half of the way"---climb all the way up to the top of the hill and enjoy the ride down!