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Condemnation 1994

  1. Rostock, Germany
  2. Alternative
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  1. Brigade Internationale - Regard Extrême
    by Brigade Internationale
  2. The Dance
    by Prag 83
  3. Moldig
    by Moldig
  4. Red Light
    by Moldig
  5. Kalte Nacht
    by Kalte Nacht
  6. Lifeline
    by The Last Cry
  7. Desolation
    by Burnt Souls
  8. A Knife To Send Your Veiled Dreams
    by Lakes
  9. Zerfall
    by box and the twins
  10. MMXX
    by KAELTE
  11. Blue
    by Cerulean Veins
  12. Sequere Astra
    by WOGE
  13. Exposure
  14. Levensbron
    by Weihan
  15. Display
    by Silent Age
  16. Shadow Dwellers
    by Scary Black
    by Ground Nero
  18. Serpents in the Dawn
    by Neutral
    One of the most underrated albums of the so called Darkfolk/Neofolk. Brilliant!!! I agree completly to jyggalagg.
  19. The World of Disbelief
    by Neutral
  20. Zerfall
    by box and the twins
    The First Dream The First Dream
    Brilliant! My favorite for the best album of the year. Hope to see you soon in concert.