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How to set up your pre-order

It’s incredibly simple to create album pre-orders on Bandcamp. You can give fans one or more tracks immediately when they pre-order, and then when you release the record, we’ll automatically email those fans a link to download the full album and we’ll report your pre-sales to SoundScan, ARIA Charts, and OfficialCharts.

  1. Upload your album

    Get the album as close to its release-ready state as possible: create all its tracks, upload all the audio (or as much of it as you have), add lyrics and liner notes, etc. Use the Save Draft button to save your changes without publishing if you don’t have everything ready yet.

  2. Check the pre-order box

    Go into the album editor and check “this is a digital pre-order”:

    this is a digital pre-order
  3. Choose which tracks to include

    Choose which tracks you want to give fans immediately when they pre-order by clicking the titles in the left-hand column, then checking this box on the right:

    give this track to fans when they pre-order the album (also allows fans to stream this track during the pre-order)

    The other tracks will be shown in the track list, but only the pre-order tracks will stream and download.

  4. Publish the album

    Finally, if your album is still in a draft state, click Publish and you'll be ready to start taking pre-orders

    Now just sit back and watch the pre-orders roll in. But don’t forget to…

  5. Release the album

    When you’re ready to release the pre-order, return to the album editor, choose release pre-order now and click the Update button:

    Now all your fans who pre-ordered will receive an email with a link to download the full album, we’ll report your pre-sales to the respective music charts, and fans who buy the record from here on out will receive all its tracks in their download.

Some things you may be wondering

How do pre-orders work with physical packages?

If you want to include a digital pre-order with a physical package (such as the vinyl or CD version of the album), then you just follow the instructions as above, and in the package editor, make sure include immediate download of album with purchase of this package is checked. We’ll then give fans an instant download of the pre-sale tracks with their physical purchase, and email them a link to download the full album whenever you release it.

You can also set up pre-orders for physical versions of albums that are already out on digital. Just set the package’s release date to whatever future date you like, and that’s that.

Can I set my pre-order to automatically release at a certain time so that I can just go to sleep?

What, and miss all the action? This is your big album release! If you’re not up and refreshing Twitter non-stop and talking to fans and high-fiving your bandmates we respectfully submit that you’re doing it wrong. To unleash your release, see here.

Can I send out track/album codes for my album during the pre-order?

Yes! Track/album codes redeemed for a pre-order give the entire album, not just the teaser tracks. This is great if you'd like to share early copies with superfans or reviewers. For more information about track/album codes, check this out.

Please back up to the beginning. Why would I want to do a pre-order?

If your music career is just getting started, you’re almost certainly better off avoiding pre-orders and instead getting your full album out, letting people hear it, and building up your fanbase. It’s conceivable that someone who has never heard of you might pre-order your record on the strength of a few teaser tracks, but it’s pretty unlikely.

If you’re a more established artist, however, setting up a release as a pre-order can have a few benefits. First, it gives your biggest fans an easy way to make sure they get your record the moment it comes out. Second, it gives you a way to build up excitement and demand for a release, beyond just talking about it. And finally, it can increase the likelihood of your album placing on official weekly music charts, since all your pre-orders are reported to the respective organizations as if 100% of the purchases were made the week you release the record. We were as surprised as anybody to learn that that’s how the game is played, but hey, we’re here to help you play it.