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Why should I put my merch up on Bandcamp?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s why.

How do I sell merch on Bandcamp?

Here’s how.

Do you make t-shirts, press vinyl or duplicate CDs?

Sorry, no.

Can you store and ship my merch?

We don’t do fulfillment, but we make it dead easy for you or a third party to manage everything. When someone orders a CD, t-shirt, or other merch item from your Bandcamp site, we’ll send you an email with all the shipping details. In that email you’ll find a link to your Merch Orders page, a simple table where you can see all your merch orders at a glance. You can also mark orders as shipped, search for specific orders, or filter by date and shipped status. You’ll also find a link to this page in the Sales section of your Tools page.

If you’re working with a fulfillment service, sister, friend or ne'er-do-well to pack and ship your merch for you, you can grant them access to your merch orders. Click the link at the top of the page to send them an email invite. They can then download your orders and view and edit the merch orders page (but not the rest of your site).

If you’re planning to sell more than 200 units of merch and want to flee the drudgery of packing and mailing them all yourself, we can introduce you to our preferred fulfillment house. To inquire, please send us an email.

If a fan buys two or more physical items, how are the shipping costs calculated?

Let’s look at the simplest case first. If a fan buys two or more of the same item from you, then in the package editor, under “shipping and handling,” we use the base shipping (the value that you specify in the “for 1 unit” field), and add the incremental shipping (the value you specify in the “more per additional unit” field):

For example, if you sold three 12" EPs with the above shipping settings, total shipping would be $4 + $2 + $2 = $8.

When a fan buys two or more different merch items, we calculate the shipping by taking whichever item has the highest base shipping, and then adding the incremental shipping fees for the other items. For example, let’s say you had three items with the following shipping settings:

12" EP
Base shipping: $4
Incremental shipping: $2

Compact Disc
Base shipping: $2
Incremental shipping: $0.75

Base shipping: $3
Incremental shipping: $0.50

If a fan purchased all three items together, their total shipping cost would be $4 + $0.75 + $0.50 = $5.25. This is the highest base shipping cost of the three items (the 12" EP, $4), plus the incremental shipping costs of the other items (the compact disc, $0.75, and the t-shirt: $0.50).