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How do I collect emails?

We collect emails for paid downloads and merch automatically. For free downloads, check “require email address” in the track or album editor.

How do I export the emails I’ve collected?

Go to your Tools page. In the section titled “Mailing list,” you’ll see links to export your full list, or just the addresses added since your last export.

I made an album download email-required, but when I click to download it I’m not prompted for an email address. Why?

Would it not be a lousy user experience if a fan gave you their email address, downloaded your album, then returned to download another track or album that you also made email-required, only to have to enter their email address again? YES IT WOULD. That’s why once a fan (or conscientious band-member testing their site) provides an email address for a download, they never have to do it again (at least not from that same browser, for that same band, unless they clear their cookies). For this same reason, stats spelunkers may notice the number of downloads exceeding the number of email addresses collected.