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How do I set up a label account on Bandcamp?

Step right this way!

Can I see some examples of other labels that are already on Bandcamp?

Yes, just click the label logos on this page.

I already have a direct-to-fan store for my label, why bother setting up on Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is more than a direct-to-fan storefront, we’re a retail music destination in our own right. Fans have paid artists $235 million using Bandcamp, and $5.9 million in the last 30 days alone, much of that driven by our community and discovery features. If you’ve got your own store already, we certainly could be a replacement for it, but that decision should not stop you from creating a presence on Bandcamp and earning money here too.

I’ve just signed a new artist, how do I add them to my label account?

Use the “add artist” menu in the navigation bar. If the artist is already on Bandcamp, choose “add existing artist.” If they’re new to Bandcamp, choose “add new artist” (you can always give the artist access to their account later – just roll over their image in your artist grid, and select “give access”).

Can I customize the order in which artists appear in the artists tab?

Yes, you can drag and drop the artist images into whatever order you like. Roll over any image and you’ll see a move icon in the upper right. You’ll also see a star icon, which you can use to feature an artist at the top of your page.

Can I customize the order in which releases appear in the music tab?

No. For even a medium-sized label, the combined number of releases across all artists quickly becomes tedious to manually reorder, and it’s a job you’d have to redo every time you post a new release. So we display the releases in the label music tab from newest to oldest, and fans can filter the list to a specific artist if they like. You can, however, feature a release by rolling over it in your music grid and clicking the star icon. All of the above holds true for the merch tab as well.

How do I make my artist/music/merch tab the default when a visitor comes to my site?

Go to your Profile page, and in the section titled “Home Page,” you’ll see a radio selection for setting your default tab.

How do label accounts work with album/track codes (formerly known as download codes)?

(If you don’t already know about album/track codes, you can learn more about them here.) Label accounts get 3,000 codes to start, and we add 1,000 codes for every $500 in sales to your label. If an individual artist had codes when they were added to your label, those codes remain under their account (we don’t pool them under the label).

How do label accounts work with mailing lists?

The label level mailing list is not a rollup of all your individual artists’ mailing lists. Fans joined a mailing list for a specific artist, so we do not combine all of those into a single label mailing list. However, there is a) a checkbox in the checkout dialog that invites the buyer to join your label mailing list, and b) a Follow button on your label site, which adds the fan to your mailing list, and means we notify them of all your releases via email as well as a story in their music feed.

Why create individual artist accounts for each artist under my label?

We recommend separate accounts for each artist under a label because then the artist can have their own distinct visual design, their own image and bio, and their own URL, which is critical for search engine optimization (search is still the #1 source of sales, ahead of social media). If you create a new account on behalf of an artist, you can always give them access to that account later – just roll over their image in your artist grid, and select “give access.”

Is there a type of label that should not get a label account?

Yes. A label that primarily releases one-off reissues should probably stick with just an artist account. There’s really no need to create individual accounts for every artist across dozens of unique 7"s, for example -- you’re better off using the custom artist field on those releases, and keeping them under your existing account.

Where do I set who gets paid for a given release?

In the album or track editor, under the pricing section, you’ll see "Payments will go to," followed by an email address. If the artist’s payment address (set on their Profile page) differs from the label’s, the "Payments will go to" address will instead be a menu from which you can select the desired recipient.

Can I enter a catalog number for accounting purposes?

Yes. You can enter a catalog number (up to 15 characters in length) on the edit page for a specific release, and that number will carry through to your sales report.

I read that label accounts are $20/month for up to 15 artists, and $50/month for unlimited artists. What happens if I cross over the $20/$50 threshold in the middle of a billing period?

Your first month will cost $20 even if you immediately exceed 15 artists. Subsequent months will be billed in accordance with however many artists you have at the end of the billing period.

How do I cancel my label account, and what’s your refund policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your Profile page and clicking “cancel label subscription.” Once you cancel, your label features will continue to work up through the month for which you’ve paid. We don’t issue partial refunds for unused time in a month, but you will not be charged the following month.

What happens to my label account after I cancel?

Visitors will still be able to view your label site and sales will continue going to you, but you will not be able to export unified sales reports, view your unified stats or merchandise orders pages, export your label mailing list, or add new artists to your account. You and your artists will also no longer have Bandcamp Pro, which means you will no longer be able to invite people to privately stream your tracks and albums (but any existing invites will continue to work). You will also no longer have access to batch upload, and if you’ve connected Google Analytics to your Bandcamp account it will stop gathering statistics about your visitors. Location and referrer data for your sales will stop being collected. If you’ve set up a custom domain it will stop working, and any streaming-disabled tracks will switch to streaming. You can re-subscribe at any time via your Profile page.