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Using Google Analytics with Bandcamp

If you’re a Bandcamp Pro user, you can gather detailed statistics about your visitors by connecting Google Analytics to your Bandcamp account. To learn more and sign up for Google Analytics (which is free, by the way), click here. Once you have an account, just follow these steps:

  1. Set up a profile for Bandcamp on Google Analytics.

    1. Click here to sign up for Google Analytics.

    2. For “Account Name,” enter “Bandcamp” (or whatever you prefer).

    3. For “Website URL,” enter your Bandcamp URL (

    4. Click “Get Tracking ID” and accept the terms and conditions.

    5. Under the “Property” column, click Tracking Info, then Tracking Code. You'll then see a Tracking ID displayed in bold at the top of the page (it will look like: UA-12345678-1). Copy that ID to your clipboard.

    6. You should now see a Tracking Code tab, with a Tracking ID displayed in bold at the top of the page. It will look like: UA-12345678-1. Copy that ID to your clipboard.

      Note: You can leave the other settings alone. In particular, don’t copy the code from the box that says "Paste this code on your site.” We do that for you.

  2. Add your Tracking ID to your Bandcamp account.

    1. Head over to the Google Analytics section of your Bandcamp Profile page. In the field labeled Tracking ID, paste the code copied above.

    2. Click Save.

  3. Wait.

    It can take up to 24 hours for Google to begin showing results from your Bandcamp pages.