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Exclusive Embeds

An exclusive embed is a special type of embedded player that a site like Pitchfork, Fader or Stereogum can use to offer its readers an exclusive first listen of your album, complete with a link back to Bandcamp to pre-order or purchase. Exclusive embeds can stream tracks that you aren’t streaming from your public album page, they can be restricted to one or more sites you specify, and, like other Bandcamp embedded players, they can be customized for a specific size/layout.

Creating an Exclusive Embed

  1. To create an exclusive embed, first navigate to the desired album. Note that it must either be a pre-order, or if you are a Bandcamp Pro subscriber, an album for which you’ve disabled streaming on one or more of the tracks.

  2. Click the Exclusive Embed link below the cover art. If you instead see Share / Embed / Exclusive, click that, then select Exclusive Embed.

    If you don’t see any Exclusive links, double-check that at least one track is not available for streaming. To change that setting on individual tracks, click “Edit” while viewing the album page. If it is a pre-order, just un-check the “During Pre-order: give this track to fans...” option. If you are a Pro subscriber and your album has already been released, un-check the “enable streaming” option for one or more tracks.

  3. In the Exclusive Embed pane, enter the URL of the site where the player can appear. You only need to enter the URL of the site itself (e.g.,,,, not the specific page on which your player will be posted.

  4. Copy the code that appears, and send it to the publication to paste into their post (you could send that code via email, text message, singing telegram, or whatever other means they prefer).

    If the player will be embedded in a WordPress post, you’ll need to use a special code. Beneath the Embed code box, select the “” option and copy the shortcode that appears.

Player Options

You can click the Player Options drop-down arrow to reveal more advanced settings.


Uncheck any tracks that you don’t want to stream in the exclusive embed. Note that these settings do not affect which tracks are included in your pre-order, or stream from your public Bandcamp album page -- they only control which tracks stream in the embed.


The layout options allow you to customize the artwork that’s shown in the Exclusive Embed. A preview of the embed will appear in the right side of the dialog.


We’ll attempt to generate the best possible dimensions for the layout you choose, but some publications may request a player of a specific size to match the layout of their post. You can adjust the dimensions accordingly using the size controls.

When Exclusivity Ends

When the exclusivity period ends (for example, after you’ve released your pre-order, or enabled public streaming on tracks that previously only streamed from the exclusive embed), other sites can embed your album using one of our regular embeds. Return to your album, click the Share/Embed link below the cover art, and select Embed this album. That’s it! Any existing exclusive embeds will keep on keepin’ on, unchanged.