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How do I edit or delete a track?

If you’re on the track’s page, just click the yellow-y Edit or Delete button. If you’re on an album page, click the Edit button followed by the track title. All of the track details can be edited on the right-hand side of the page. To delete the track, just click the little “x” to the right of the respective title in the track list.

How do I change the order of an album’s tracks?

Make sure you’re logged in. Then, on the album page, click the yellow Edit button, approximately here. That’ll take you to the Edit Album page, where on the left-hand side you’ll see your track listing. When you roll over a track in the list you'll see a square icon that looks like three horizontal bars. Click and drag that icon to move the track up or down within the list. When you are satisfied, click Update, and you’re done.

My songs have lyrics. Should I bother adding them?

Yes, a thousand times yes! Google searches are the single largest source of sales on Bandcamp (surpassing even Facebook), and your fans aren’t just searching for the name of your band, or your latest track — they’re frequently searching for that one lyric snippet they remember. If you haven’t added lyrics on Bandcamp, those fans are likely ending up on instead, who’s showing them ads for Applebee’s. Why should some other site get first crack at engaging, and ultimately, profiting from, your fans? Don’t let that happen. Add lyrics. Also nifty: when you add lyrics to a track on Bandcamp, we embed those lyrics in the download. This means that on the iPhone, for example, fans can tap their screen to view your lyrics overlaid right atop the cover art.

If I set a release date to some time in the future, will my music be hidden until then?

No, your release date does not affect visibility. When you first create an album it is hidden from the public as a Draft, and will remain so until you are ready to release it (by clicking “Publish” in the album editor). If at any time you’d like to hide your album from public view after it has been released, select the “Private” option, then click “Update.”

What file types can I include as bonus items in an album download?

The usual: png, jpg, gif, pdf, doc, docx, txt, ppt, pptx, mp4, m4v, m4r, mov, wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, swf, flv, torrent, cue, afm, amxd, otf, sib, ptb, mid, midi, gp5, gpx, fxp, fxb, vst, mod, it, xm, mtm, nsf, ttf, sav, epub, mobi, vst3, and alp. Most music file types are deliberately not included. If you want to include a track as a bonus item in an album download, upload it like any other track, but check “bonus track.”