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How do I create a discount code?

Discount codes let you offer fans discounts on their purchases. You generate a code, distribute it however you like (email, Twitter, word-of-mouth), and then fans enter it during checkout to apply the discount.

Creating a code is easy. First, cruise over to the Discount Code section of your Tools page.

  1. Name your code

    The name you choose is also what your fans will enter into the Buy Now dialog to apply the discount. You can track the redemption rates of different codes independently, so if you are the diligent campaign type you might want to choose names referring to the places where the codes will be found (e.g., "facebook", "newsletter", "radioshow", "blog"). You might also opt for something a la "summersale", "treasurehunt", or "unclemilton".

  2. Choose a discount amount

    For physical items, the % discount will be applied before shipping and taxes, if applicable.

  3. Decide which items are eligible

    Here you can select albums, packages, individual tracks, or the special value anything, which means the code can be used for any of your items. Discount Codes work with any item with a price greater than zero. This includes items where you allow the fan to pay more; in this case, the discount simply reduces the minimum price.

  4. Choose an expiration date

    If you enter an expiration date, we'll automatically take care of disabling the code when the specified day comes around.

  5. Click "generate" and share with your adoring fans

    They'll be able to enter the code right in the Buy Now dialog:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the item I'm looking for in the "valid for" drop down list?

Probably because its price is zero. Discount codes only work for items priced greater than zero (free items with "let fans pay more if they want" checked don't count).

Why is there no place to enter the code in the Buy Now dialog?

You must have at least one active Discount Code shown on the Tools page before the Buy Now dialog will display a place to enter a code. Free items are excepted (see previous question).

Why can't I create a discount code for 100% off?

You mean, something akin to a multi-use download code? We don't offer anything like that right now, but we might some day down the road (no ETA yet, though).