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Does Bandcamp take any ownership rights in my music?

Nope. Full details are in our Terms of Use, but the short of it is that the only rights we take are the obvious ones we need to run the service. For example, the non-exclusive right to host the music you upload, sell it on your behalf (if you choose to enable paid downloads), display whatever lyrics and artwork you publish to the site, and so on.

My band already has its own official site, can I integrate it with Bandcamp? And what about all the other typical band site sections, like videos, photos, etc?

That's all on the to-do list, but we decided to start with the most important, and the most technically challenging, part first: music. If you already have an official site, we respectfully submit that Bandcamp might be an improvement upon its music section, and suggest you simply let your Bandcamp site be your music section. To do so, we recommend you link to Bandcamp, but make it a bit more seamless by customizing your design, and perhaps specifying an image map in your custom header as well, so that you can emulate your own site's navigation. What we don't recommend is dropping Bandcamp into an iframe. Doing so will harm your SEO (since tracks and albums will no longer have unique URLs) and break the payment flow in Internet Explorer.

Can I also sell my music on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and so on?

No, we're not a digital distributor. Bandcamp is a service for selling your music through your own site, directly to your fans. If you're looking for digital distribution, check out DistroKid.

Can I upload covers, mixtapes, mashups or just straight-up Ray of Light to Bandcamp?

Our Terms of Use require you to own or otherwise control all rights to the content you upload. Click here for more info.