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What format/quality are the streams on Bandcamp?

They’re MP3-128s. However, if you’re in the app and on wifi, items you’ve purchased stream as MP3-V0s (~250kbit/s on average).

I hear a warbling sound, or maybe it’s more of a low rumble, when I stream one of my tracks on Bandcamp. Is it your fault?

Other than encoding your audio into the various streaming and download formats we offer, we don’t do anything to your upload -- no EQ, boosting or multi-band companding, and definitely no two-pole Butterworth band-pass/band-reject filtering (so tempting). In quiet passages, some MP3-128s can indeed exhibit a warbly sound (occasionally described as “muddiness,” “low fluttering wavy stuff,” “distortion in the bottom end,” or just “compression artifacts”). Using a compression filter on your source audio can exaggerate this effect, so… don’t do that. We chose MP3-128 for streaming as a compromise. It enables your music to start up quickly over the slowest of networks, yet still sounds great for most tracks. Our various download formats offer fans an even higher quality experience, and the lossless formats are exactly as you uploaded them.

Does Bandcamp support 30-second snippets?

No, we never have and never will. Here’s why.

OK, but why would anyone ever buy something they can hear in full for free?

By default, fans can play tracks on Bandcamp only a few times in full, after which they get a dialog prompting them to buy. As the artist, you can up this limit, or remove it entirely, from your Profile page (you of course always get unlimited plays of your own tracks, but for the curious, here’s what the purchase prompt looks like). When a fan makes a purchase, they get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app for Android, iOS and Sonos, an optional download in a variety of high-quality formats including lossless, and of course the satisfaction of directly supporting an artist they love.

One of my fans showed me a totally easy way that someone could STEAL my music off of Bandcamp using RealPlayer 14.1 beta 3, or, or by going into Temporary Internet Files and renaming blah blah blah. What are you doing about this grave problem?

Nothing. Since streams on Bandcamp are full-length, it’s true that someone could use one of the above methods to access the underlying MP3-128. And sure, we could throw some technical hurdles in their way, but if they hit one of those hurdles, it’s not like they’d slap their forehead and open their wallet. Instead, they’d just move on to some other site where those restrictions aren’t in place, and you’ll have squandered the chance to make your own site the premier destination for those seemingly cheap, but enthusiastic, word-spreading, and potentially later money-spending fans. In other words, the few people employing the above methods are better thought of as an opportunity, not a lost sale. If you’re still skeptical, this may help.

How do I make the embedded player autostart?

Welcome home! We trust your eight-year expedition to the heart of the Amazon was a great success. SO much has happened since you left. The first Delawarean was elected Vice President of the United States, the Chronicles of Riddick defied box office expectations, and tabbed browsers became commonplace. As a result, many web enthusiasts now open tabs as they surf. Autostarting media players don’t play well with this behavior, since they put you in a position of wondering whoah, where is that sound coming from and then force you to play find-the-tab-making-your-eardrums-bleed. AUTOSTART IS EVIL is a fairly common refrain nowadays, and who are we to disagree?

How do I embed my music on Tumblr?

On any track or album page, click the Share/Embed button and then click the Tumblr button (next to Tweet). That will automatically embed the horizontal player, and it’ll look great in your blog and on Tumblr’s dashboard. It’s possible to embed the standard or small layout player instead, but it will not appear inline in Tumblr’s dashboard view, so we don’t recommend it. If you wish to defy our counsel, you’ll need to go to and temporarily switch your “Edit posts using” setting from “rich text editor” to “plain text/HTML” (Tumblr’s default rich text editor strips some of the attributes from the iframe tag, which causes the player to clip). Then click the Share/Embed link back on Bandcamp, choose “Embed this album,” and pick the standard or small player.

Does Bandcamp add metadata to the downloadable tracks?

Yes. As you add information to your site, we automatically attach that data to the underlying tracks, so that if a fan downloads and imports them into iTunes or any other offline media library, they come with their title, artist, lyrics, album, track number, release date, and artwork intact.

Does Bandcamp support gapless albums?

When streaming from the Bandcamp app, we pre-cache subsequent tracks to make the transitions as seamless as possible. For downloaded music, we preserve the timing of your uploaded tracks wherever possible (MP3 can mess up gap timing as a byproduct of its compression process, whereas FLAC and Apple Lossless preserve that info and play back perfectly).

Where’s the volume control?

There isn’t one. If you want to change the volume of the audio on Bandcamp, adjust your computer or phone’s volume.