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What video file types do you accept?

Generally, we support any kind of video file (for example .mp4, .avi, .wmv, and .mov) and the vast majority of video and audio codecs (for example H.264, AAC, VP8, ProRes, WMV, WMA, Ogg and so on). However, we recommend you upload in MP4 and H264 − simply because the processing will be faster and you’ll obtain the best quality playback.

What is the maximum video upload size?

The max upload size for videos is 250MB, which works out to about 7 minutes at HD-quality. You'll minimize your upload time and still get full HD by uploading MP4/H264 with a bitrate of roughly 5000 kb/s at 1920x1080 pixels (if you upload in a higher quality, your video will be converted and scaled down while we prepare it for playback on the web). If you do not have an editor available to re-output your video at this quality, a number of free tools are available, such as MPEG Streamclip, Handbrake or Miro Web Converter. Example of Handbrake settings Example of Handbrake settings

How does a subscriber cancel, and what happens when they do?

Subscribers can cancel at any time by visiting their Settings page on the Bandcamp site or app. Once they cancel, their subscription will continue up through the month or year for which they’ve paid. We don’t issue partial refunds for unused time in a subscription period, but they will not be charged the following period. Items added to their collection while they were subscribed are not removed when they cancel. Yes, this means that you may occasionally have an Evil Fan who subscribes and immediately cancels, and for one period’s subscription fee gets quite a bit of content. However, most people who choose to subscribe to an artist do so to support them and get their past and future content, not rip them off. The alternative, such as a scheme where content only “sticks” after a fan has been subscribed for some amount of time, and otherwise disappears when a subscription ends, is not something we are considering.