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I can’t log in.

If you've forgotten your password, head over here. If you receive a password reset email for another one of your accounts, try again using the username you used to sign up, rather than your email address. If you're convinced you've completely forgotten your login information, or if you need to reset your password and your account is linked to an email address that is no longer accessible, we may be able to help. In order to verify that you are the owner, we'll need to confirm a few things first.

How do I change the order of albums and tracks on my discography page?

You can reorder your discography however you like, and doing so is a cinch: hover over an item's artwork, click and hold down on the arrow icon, and drag to the desired location. Voilà!

How do I delete my account?

Visit your Profile page and click the link that says “permanently delete this account…”

How do I add or edit shows in the sidebar?

Your shows are pulled in from Songkick, and you can update them easily using their Tourbox site. Here's some more info.

Would you please change my username for me?

Sorry, no. We may allow you to change your username yourself down the line, but for now you cannot (but you can always create a new account).

Why can't I find my page/release in the search?

Our search indexing happens quickly, but not immediately. If some time passes and your newly created page/release still doesn't appear, make sure you've uploaded a profile picture/artwork (it would be too boring to show a long list of image-less results). If you're instead concerned about your page not showing up in Google's search, that's completely up to the vagaries of Google's indexing bots (although it rarely takes longer than a week). For more information, feel free to drop Google a line.

My band already has its own official site, can I integrate it with Bandcamp?

If you already have an official site, we respectfully submit that Bandcamp might be an improvement upon its music/store section, and suggest you simply let your Bandcamp site be your music/store section. To do so, we recommend you link to Bandcamp, but make it a bit more seamless by customizing your design, and perhaps specifying an image map in your custom header as well, so that you can emulate your own site’s navigation. What we don’t recommend is dropping Bandcamp into an iframe. Doing so will harm your SEO (since tracks and albums will no longer have unique URLs) and break the payment flow in Internet Explorer.