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  1. No Time For Dreaming
    by Charles Bradley
    The World (Is Going Up In Flames) The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
  2. House and Land
    by House and Land
    The Day is Past and Gone The Day is Past and Gone
    A beautiful, spartan work steeped in the tradition of Appalachian Folk. I never really got the force of drone in American roots music until this. Anne and Sarah make an amazing duo - great record .
  3. Negative Sun
    by Firefriend
    Bitter Juice Bitter Juice
  4. Newen Afrobeat
    by Newen Afrobeat
    Santiago Santiago
  5. Hard Proof Afrobeat Live at The Good Music Club
    by Hard Proof Afrobeat
    Trickle Down Trickle Down
  6. WinoVino Live at The Good Music Club
    by WinoVino
    Dark Eyes Dark Eyes
    appears in 1 other collection
    Return Return
  8. Courage Reels
    by Wozniak
    Super Panther Super Panther
  9. Lord Buffalo EP
    by Lord Buffalo
    Cold Bones Cold Bones
  10. Seasonal Hire
    by The Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn
    Trailways Ramble Trailways Ramble
  11. The Black Hole
    by Firefriend
    The Black Hole The Black Hole
    A great random find just browsing BandCamp - a very stoney, heavily rocking mix of Heavy Psych/Shoegaze with some great beats. I got a contact high from 'The Black Hole' video alone. Singer Julia has a Kim Gordon vibe for you Sonic Youth heads out there.
  12. Axolotl b/w Indian Summer
    by Lord Buffalo
    Axolotl Axolotl
  13. Kodama
    by Alcest
    Je Suis D'ailleurs Je Suis D'ailleurs
  14. Light Falls
    by Wrekmeister Harmonies
    Some Were Saved Some Drowned Some Were Saved Some Drowned
    I really can’t recommend Light Falls enough, especially for those that are given to the pull of honest, unique and intensely passionate music that is a direct reflection of the artists’ ethos and emotional turmoil. Definite automatic appeal to fans of Nick Cave, Red House Painters, Earth as well as the new breed of emotionally soul-baring bands like The Angelus, Palehorse/Palerider and others.
  15. On A Dark & Barren Land
    by The Angelus
    Gone Country Gone Country
    The Angelus always make me think of fallow fields, the Old Testament, Steinbeck and old time Christian revivals. They're a shining example of the New School of American Gothic music. Really a unique and extraordinary band making extraordinary music.
  16. Burial Songs
    by Palehorse/Palerider
    Sundowning Sundowning
    A great find, courtesy of the folks in The Angelus, who seem to know how to pick 'em. Dreamy and hypnotic Shoegaze with a subtle inclination toward the melancholic - guess that's P/P calls their work 'Doomgaze'. On very heavy rotation here.
  17. The Sounds of Earth
    by Floating Widget
    Albatross (Nobody Loves an) Albatross (Nobody Loves an)
    An album of two-fisted Stoner Rock, the kind that hasn't been made since the Golden Age circa '99 - 2004. Riffs and groove galore. Special bonus, Snake from Voivod makes a special appearance on "Spiderzilla".
  18. Perihelion
    by Wozniak
    Perihelion Perihelion
    Hypnotic and melodic in the best possible way. Amazing band.
  19. As We Foretold
    As We Foretold As We Foretold
    “As We Foretold”, “The Forest’s Wrath” and “Dawn Without Sun” tips the hat to the heaviest of Hellhammer, HEAVYDEATH employing that seminal band's simplistic but agonizingly effective approach to knuckledragging riffs played at maximum volume and tuned-down to sub-atomic levels. The vibrations have a way of shaking my office walls unlike any other band, which is vaguely unsettling to be honest. It's like HEAVYDEATH is changing the molecular structure of my office.
  20. Sage
    by Across Tundras
    Hijo de Desierto Hijo de Desierto