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  1. Skulls
    by The Megas
  2. Ahlbum 1
    by AHmusic
  3. Clarity (with Little Kruta)
    by Adam Neely
  4. The No Pants Dance (feat. Ninja Sex Party)
    by TWRP
  5. Asagao Academy - Humble Beginnings
    by Josiah Everhart
  6. EarthBound - Home Sweet Home
    by Josiah Everhart
  7. Enhanced Editions
    by The Megas
  8. The Belmonts (Cassette EP)
    by The Megas
  9. One Punch Man Rap
    by Yungtown
  10. I Will Make It
    by Yungtown & Garrett Williamson
  11. Unfinished Business
    by Brett Domino
  12. A Brief History of Tell-Tale Hearts
    by Michael hell
  13. Scent Blasters
    by The Megas
    As your Scent Blaster fills the air around you with justice, The Megas fills your ear canals with awesome.
    (It's a song about air freshener, how can you go wrong?)
  14. Cave Story With Lyrics (YT)
    by brentalfloss
  15. Unreleased YouTube Songs!
    by brentalfloss
  16. Derpina - The Musical
    by AVbyte
  17. Super Mario Land With Lyrics (feat. Dave Bulmer) [YT]
    by brentalfloss
  18. What if This CD... Had Lyrics?
    by brentalfloss
  19. The Bioshock Song (YT)
    by brentalfloss
  20. Sunglasses at Night
    by The Megas
  21. Get Acoustic
    by The Megas
  22. Two Waltzes and a Love Theme
    by brentalfloss
  23. History Repeating: Blue
    by The Megas
    After six months of owning the digital copy of this, I decided finally buy the physical album. After year its release it's still is my favorite album.

    I can't say enough good things about History Repeating: Blue, nor can I choose a favorite track from it. Just listen and you'll know.
  24. Megatainment
    by Entertainment System & The Megas
  25. Bits of Me
    by brentalfloss
  26. Get Equipped
    by The Megas