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  1. In Spite Of...
    by Mic Capes
  2. Shima
    by Floating Room
    Shimanchu Shimanchu
  3. Coke (demo)
    by Phone Voice
  4. cradle tape
    by Phone Voice
    stuck stuck
  5. PDX Pop Now! Vol. 18
    by PDX Pop Now!
  6. Butch Spring
    by Sara Renberg
    Mixtape Mixtape
  7. Self-Titled
    by Dim Wit
    Selfishie Selfishie
    so so so good
  8. At the Party With My Brown Friends
    by Black Belt Eagle Scout
  9. swell 16/18
    by Surfer Rosie
  10. M'LR 022 Perro Suelto EP
    by Magic Johnson
    You're My Fucking Dawg You're My Fucking Dawg
  11. Downwardly Mobile: Steel Accelerator
    by Guidon Bear
  12. Another Song About Riding the Bus (Selected Songs 2002-2020)
    by Fred Thomas
  13. Your Most Secret Name (Selected Songs 2008-2011)
    by Twig Palace
  14. Antiquated Future Records: The First Seven Years
    by Various Artists
  15. False Baptism
    by Floating Room
    Seashell Seashell
  16. Emily Songs
    by Sara Renberg
    Orange Sweatshirt Orange Sweatshirt
  17. Night Sands
    by Sara Renberg
    Elderly Lesbians Elderly Lesbians
  18. The Tall Calm
    by Sara Renberg
    Of Course I Still Love You Of Course I Still Love You
  19. Dim Sh!t
    by Dim Wit
    Wee Thee Peeple Wee Thee Peeple
  20. Self-Release
    by Dim Wit