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Heino Fischer

  1. Heidelberg, Germany
  2. Metal
  1. collection 63
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  1. Alternate Endings
    by Cranial
  2. Into Extinction
  3. Retaliation
    by Combat Shock
    Warmonger (War Is Hell) Warmonger (War Is Hell)
  4. Revelation of Chaos
    by Deathrite
  5. Hemelbestormer - Aether
    by Hemelbestormer
  6. Werwolf
    by Valborg
    Werwolf Werwolf
  7. Capricorn
    by Mike Tramp
    Better Off Better Off
  8. CIST "The Frozen Casket"
    by Cist
  9. Dogma Anti God
    by Deadborn
  10. Summoning The Circle
    by Obscenity
  11. Vermächtnis
    by Optimist
    Rattengier Rattengier
  12. {affro004} Where Evil Arises
    appears in 1 other collection
  13. {affro003} Der Zerfall
  14. BELLROPE - "You must Relax"
    by F.K.R.#62 - BELLROPE
  15. Apocalypticists
    by Kriegsmaschine
  16. Possession
    by Christian Mistress
  17. Dark Towers / Bright Lights
    by Cranial
    Bright Bright
  18. TANATOR "Execution... Atrocity Death"
    by Tanator
    Your Future Is Doomed Your Future Is Doomed
  19. To Your Death
    by Christian Mistress
    Stronger Than Blood Stronger Than Blood
  20. Decimated to Ashes (2017)
    by Hellknife
  21. MENTAL SLAVERY "Our Legacy"
    by Mental Slavery
  22. Texas Metal Outlaws
  23. Delirium EP
    by Impetus
    appears in 1 other collection
  24. Ten Years of Total Extermination
  25. Lost Chapter E.: Sutratma
    by Sacral Rage
  26. LVPVS
    by Professor Black
  27. You Bastard!
    by Professor Black
  28. I am the Rock
    by Professor Black
  29. Sunrise
    by Professor Black
  30. Heavy burden
    by Naevus
    Dancing In The Summer Rain Dancing In The Summer Rain
  31. Terrestrial Mutations
    by Droid
    Cosmic Debt Cosmic Debt
  32. Kassiopeia
    by Down with the Gypsies
    Sky Full Of Cars Sky Full Of Cars
  33. Perdition Portal
    by Fragments of Unbecoming
  34. King Delusion
    by Nailed To Obscurity
  35. Old Mother Hell
    by Old Mother Hell
    Old Mother Hell Old Mother Hell
  36. Story Of Our Life
    by Toxik Shokk
  37. Cold War II Demo
    by Combat Shock
  38. Unreason In the Age of Madness
    by GrimSkunk
  39. COMBAT SHOCK "Sacrifice"
    by Combat Shock
  40. Laws Of The Occult
    by Slaughterday
  41. EKRANOPLAN hypnopædia LP/CD
    by narshardaa
  42. Dismal - Advanced Demo 2017
    by Fragments of Unbecoming
  43. Escape!
    by High Spirits
  44. Come to the Sabbath - Mercyful Fate cover
    by Sacral Rage
  45. Night Demon E.P. (Expanded Edition)
    by Night Demon