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  1. Babel
    by Ranges
  2. Intill
    by Feed Me To The Waves
  3. Scintilla
    by Catacombe
  4. Tükör
    by TÖRZS
  5. Codes In The Clouds (2019)
    by Codes In The Clouds
  6. Minor Light
    by Fourteen Nights At Sea
  7. AURAS
  8. Earthcult
    by Trna
  9. Lose Yourself to Find Peace
    by Trna
  10. More
    by Blankenberge
  11. Omission
    by Noorvik
  12. Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time
    by Candy Claws
  13. The Valentine's Day Session
    by Sophia
  14. Birth of Violence
  15. To Cure A Blizzard Upon A Plastic Sea
    by Vennart
  16. Rust on the Gates of Heaven
    by Wear Your Wounds
  17. Burning bridges
    by Holmes
  18. Have I Told You Lately That I Loathe You
    by Holmes
  19. SEE
    by Old Solar
  20. Laocoön
    by Ravena
    by BRUIT ≤
  22. Solar Empire
    by Flares
  23. Abyss
  24. Wanderers
    by SOJUS3000
  25. The Woods
    by A Swarm of the Sun
  26. A Mote of Dust II
    by A Mote Of Dust
  27. Lord Kesseli and the Drums
    by Lord Kesseli and the Drums
  28. On Dark Horses
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  29. Stratospheria
    by Pavallion
  30. Instarmental 1997 (Remaster)
    by Leech
  31. Melodies Of Immortality
    by Lord Kesseli & The Drums
  32. New Dark Age
    by Glasir
  33. Radiogaze (LP 2017)
    by Blankenberge
  34. Grievances
    by Rolo Tomassi
  35. SLEEPING BEAR parinae LP
    by narshardaa
  36. Veles
    by Au Revoir
  37. Recollection Of What Never Was
    by The Clouds Will Clear
  38. Dance On The Blacktop
    by Nothing
  39. ABCD
    by I Am Wolves
  40. Requiem
    by Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream
  41. Between darkness and light
    by BLAK
  42. Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
    by Rolo Tomassi
  43. Time Well
    by Cloakroom
  44. Smiles & Scars
    by Moe's
  45. A Sun Coloured Shaker
    by yndi halda