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  2. Electronic
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  1. Endorphine Machine
    by TRIAC
    Red Island Red Island
  2. Kaiju King
    by TRIAC
  3. Trash World
    by Supercommuter
    Trash Eaters (ft. Kester Limner) Trash Eaters (ft. Kester Limner)
  4. Voyager
    by Nanode
    Singularity Singularity
  5. Void
    by Nanode
    Nightmare (ft. Infodrive) Nightmare (ft. Infodrive)
  6. A Few Songs EP
    by RoboRob
    Leave Me Behind Leave Me Behind
  7. Vault #4
    by Hitboxx
    Chakan Chakan
  8. Round 2
    by Hitboxx
  9. 5th_Planet
    by Hitboxx
    Breath of Dead Breath of Dead
  10. Nothing Lasts Forever
    by Catch The Sun
  11. Aspiration (LP 2012)
    by Catch The Sun
  12. Conquest (Single 2011)
    by Catch The Sun
  13. Feel The Creator (EP 2012)
    by Catch The Sun
  14. Aspiration (LP 2012, Instrumental)
    by Catch The Sun
  15. SINGLES 2013
    by Catch The Sun
  16. Between The Lights
    by Catch The Sun
  17. Echoes (Single 2013)
    by Catch The Sun
  18. Legacy (LP 2013)
    by Catch The Sun
    Alliance Alliance
  19. Terra, Gaea
    by 456
    Universum (The Infinite) Universum (The Infinite)
  20. Powers of Two
    by TRIAC
    One Point Seven One Point Seven