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  1. poise
    by bunsenburner
    Ascent of Sap Ascent of Sap
    Pure love for the hevvy-ass riffs, solos and neck-irritating bass-drums far outweighs our admitted indifference for the ambient stuff. Here's to hoping the bonus track has bonus riffs.
  2. Beyond Vision
    by Acid King
    Prolly the only band (other than the Melvins) with constant, fresh material in our music collection for consecutive and multiple decades. And that also seems to be stronger than ever.
  3. Ice Cold Oblivion
    by Mammoth Caravan
    Frostbite Frostbite
    March? March?!

    Slow Cold Doom is right. Emphasis on the slow. Aww damn y'all.
    You were just waitin for our birfday huh?
  4. Double Double
    by Seum
    Double Double Double Double
    BTW, the doom-n-bass trio's name is French slang for .... what Americans call, 'pissed off.'

    Makes sense to us.
  5. Femina Furens
    by Djunah
    Beauty and The Beast are the same person.

    Also, what Conan said.
    by PRAYING
    Praying have been spreading their DIY 'snowflake sludge' for years so it's cool to see the band get some well-deserved love from an equally-passionate hometown label.
  7. Glacial Rule
    by ATTALLA
    Glacial Rule Glacial Rule
    So what if the Wisconsin rockers are dead? You can't get anything for a dollar these days and they have the best bang for your buck on Bandcamp Friday. Tape or vinyl or cd...$1.
  8. Dragging Time
    by O Sluggard
    Stuck (instrumental) Stuck (instrumental)
    New Australia chug & thud 2-piece fucking rips. Hard.
  9. Phantom Hour
    by Old Tomb
    Cosmic Hearse Cosmic Hearse
    Mentioned this heavy doom band before, among several standouts on a compilation tape we added last year. Guess we'll hear Monolith soon.
  10. Dopesmoker
    by Sleep
    Hot Lava Man Hot Lava Man
    Because 'Hot Lava Man', man. We were just gonna buy the digital track because it's not like we don't already have multiple Dopesmoker releases on various formats, but for a few bucks more we also get another tape version that isn't green. That's our story and we're sticking to it.
  11. Silent Voice Inside
    by The Moon Mistress
    Cremation Meditation Cremation Meditation
    picked up the double vinyl about 10 years ago.
  12. Surrender
    by BIOMASS
    Sensi Sensi
    We can really get into the current carcinogenic state of the experimental Cali collective. A year or more ago, maybe not so much. Guess what we're saying is - hope ya stay hevvy. And Savage.
  13. Burger Time Classics/BEEF
    by Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol
    Mouthbreather Mouthbreather
    Listened to 'DOOM WOP' & wanted to hear more. Score. Download code redoomed...thankfully included with the cassette version of the combined ep's

    Also picked up 'Burger Babes From Outer Space' but no code with that tape.
  14. Distinguished Company
    by Die Like Gentlemen
    The Nod The Nod
    Listening to some of their upcoming new lp "Hard Truths" we had one of those wtf-we've-been-missing-out moments we don't readily like to admit. Our hard truth is we have no idea why we aren't already somewhat familiar with a veteran hevvy underground band this good. Unfortunately this e.p. (with sick Sabbath & Phil Collins covers) is the only tape we could find.
  15. Secret Spells From Silent Sorcerers
    by Wizard Dick
    Hillbilly Nunchucks (For Jesus) Hillbilly Nunchucks (For Jesus)
    This New Orleans wizard is droppin' hevvy loads of shred and castin' secret spells with a single stroke of his...uhhh...staff.
  16. Sobre la Creación y las Bestias
    by Pretorius
    Genesis I Genesis I
    Killer Sleep cover makes up for the fact that we don't understand lyrics from the rest of the kick-ass debut full-length. Or the lp and song titles. No wonder our fave track is instrumental.

    And we appreciate the band charge half of what a certain label from the same country collects to ship a tape to the USA. Respect.
  17. Escape to Weird Mountain Volume 8
    by Forbidden Place Records
  18. Volume I
    by Sons of Arrakis
    Abomination Abomination
    We appreciated the free download code provided by the Quebec fuzz-worshippers earlier this year. This is a great addition to the label's growing catalog.
  19. Doomhawk
    by Greenhorn
    Driven Like a Cunt Driven Like a Cunt
    Own the tape version from Black Bow (thanks to Discogs) but didn't have any hi-res files for the DAP(s) until a few minutes before typing this right here.
  20. vanguard of infernal doom
    by vold
    purpose of the bomb purpose of the bomb
    Physical purchases are only a fraction of our total Bandcamp experience. We also add tons of free digital downloads you don't see - like this hevvy Berlin stoner doom that dropped earlier this year. If we really dig the tunes and, let's say the band (duo in this case) release a DIY tape version at some point - well then we may feel it's time to pay it forward. That's what we're doing now.