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  1. Enhailer / Black Pyramid
    by Enhailer /Black Pyramid
    Black Pyramid- Quantum phoenix Black Pyramid- Quantum phoenix
    Always down for Enhailer but 15 minutes of new material (to me) from OG Black Pyramid is a major bonus that came from outta nowhere. Stoked.
  2. Petrichor and Rainbows
    by Shuck
    Hammered Hammered
    Simply put: just call me an Al Wilson fanboy in the USA. If i could pick a bassist for (the) Melvins it would be that guy. Jared, Steve - even Trevor - ain't got nothin on him. (was hoping for another cassette tho).
  3. Sign Of The Devil
    by Dopelord
    Heathen Heathen
    Let's face it: Poland pretty much rules the heavy stoner scene in Europe (or world), and Dopelord rules Poland. So there you have it. (P.S. My Granny called me and my cousins 'Heathen' a lot.) Cassette this time.
    by Tõll
    Капитан Зелёный | Captain Green Капитан Зелёный | Captain Green
    From Russia with so much heavy: a monster 3-way split including this killer stoner-doom band, Sabel (Sweden) and Jambatista.
  5. Premonition
    by Empress
  6. Forward Unto Flame
    by Mammon's Throne
    Forward Unto Flame Forward Unto Flame
    Can't think of a new song by any other band that gets my blood pumping and head banging like the title track here. DOOM!
  7. Tortuga - Deities
    by Made of Stone Recordings
    The band sent me a custom bowl all the way from Poland a few years ago. So yeah, I'll support this Lovecraft-inspired release.
  8. Low Performer
    by Beehoover
    Hell is Paradise Hell is Paradise
    beehoover rule, that's why. the bass, drums duo has ever since opening that Heavy Zoo almost a decade ago..
    by SAAVIK
    Meld Meld
    Holly Hunt x .666 Bleeth = SUPERGROUP
    a brave new world.
  10. Can't Steal It
    by Larska
    Can't Steal It Can't Steal It
    Rock and roll. Plenty heavy and great vocals, but made of just drums and two bass players with effects pedals, the overall sound is so fresh and the music is quirky enough for me too, without being weird. Hell to the yes.
  11. V
    by Zyl
    Marbra Marbra
    Ordered this tape mostly because I don't have any others by bands that start with a Z. Kidding. How do you even pronounce Zyl tho? 'Zile' or 'Zeel'? Amiclose? Anyway I dig this bass, drums duo too - and the tunes.
  12. Tomb Of Doom
    by Tar Pit
    Tomb Of Doom Tomb Of Doom
    Hot-damn. Right from the start, has a heavy S:t Erik vibe to me. Doom all over America. On cassette tape.
  13. Herbal Noise
    by Hadewijch
    Creeper doom to me. Initially questioning its potency - then being engulfed in a heavy, smoky haze. Near the end, clinically diagnosed stoned to the bone.
  14. Mankind Is Unkind
    by Purveyors of Sonic Doom
    Mankind Is Unkind Mankind Is Unkind
    Dunno why I stumble across so many 2-piece, DIY bands that sound larger than they should, even when I"m not necessarily looking for them. I don't mind at all - just seems kinda weird. Heaviness-wise, this duo stands toe-to-toe with any other in my collection.
  15. LOUD™
    by Ope
    Opesmoker Opesmoker
    Only made it halfway thru streaming the album before buying the cassette. Sometimes it doesn't take much and you just know. So much yes.
  16. Deathsperadope
    by Ope and Deathsperado
    Ope - Desperadope Ope - Desperadope
    Don't usually do just digital - more like hardly ever - but a new Opehedd needs another quick fix. Yassss.
  17. Leave Something Witchy EP
    by earthdiver
    Genesis/Lament of the Elder Gods Genesis/Lament of the Elder Gods
    the kind of slow heavy fuzz I've been expecting from Denver. guess it took a while to develop the strain.
  18. Death Rides a Horse Called Doom
    by Purveyors of Sonic Doom
    Rot Covered Gold Rot Covered Gold
    Lo, for the last day draws near and Death calls upon us all. Haha j.k. but this sure is end-of-days doom right here. Fitting I think. And badass too.
  19. The Pantheon Collection: Volumes 1-3
    by Caustic Casanova
    Great mix of original CC tunes and some killer covers (Pentagram, Melvins & Weedeater). Coincidentally, one night I saw Weedeater destroy Omaha before the Melvins 2-drummer experience..
  20. The Beast You Are
    by Big Business
    Heal the Weak Heal the Weak
    If my favorite band is (the) Melvins - and Melvins plus Big Biz equals my favorite Melvins incarnation - how long does it take this melvin to realize which is truly his favorite duo these days? You do the math.