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  2. Metal
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  1. Zverstvá
    by Besna
  2. Flowers Fade
    by Stygian Love
  3. Solace...
    by Stygian Love
  4. Among The Graves
  5. Towards the Spires of Dol Guldur
    by Mithrandir
  6. Symphonies of True Misanthropy
    by Fathomage
  7. Necrohermitage of the Emotionally Starved
    by Fathomage
  8. Yerushaláyim
    by Fathomage
  9. Autumn's Dawn, Winter's Darkness
    by Fathomage
  10. Minas Morgul - The Nazgûl Awaken
    by Fathomage
  11. Psalms of Reverence and Lamentations
    by Fathomage
  12. The Doxologion Codex
    by Fathomage
  13. Molten Hands Reach West
    by Grave Pilgrim
  14. Vast Reaches Unclaimed
    by Majesties
  15. Maniac
    by Fugitive
  16. Gloomlord
    by Worm
  17. Death and the Twilight Hours
    by Predatory Light
  18. Molten Hands Reach West
    by Grave Pilgrim
  19. Demo
    by Sedimentum
  20. Ornamented Dead Eyes
    by Phrenelith