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  1. The Black Tower
    by Sons of Crom
    Black Wings up High Black Wings up High
  2. Dawn Of Genesis
    by Legionnaire
    The Guardian The Guardian
    Visigoth in 2015, Eternal Champion in 2016 and now Legionnaire in 2017! True epic heavy metal is making a furious comeback. This is a spectacular record.
  3. Ages Of Darkness / For God And Glory CD-R
    by Storrsson
    Ages Of Darkness Ages Of Darkness
    One of the most epic pieces of metal I've heard in quite a while. True heavy metal to the core. Can't wait to hear more from Storrsson.
  4. Prophecies of Blood
    by Ironborne
    The Might of Steel The Might of Steel
    True heavy metal from Northern Ireland. Anthemic battle tunes with great epic sounds. Many thanks to Dan Kaplan for the gift!
  5. Sounds from a Dying World
    by Claymorean
    Cimmeria Cimmeria
    After 3 (I think) premature release dates Claymorean's new album is finally released, and it does NOT disappoint. Truly great epic POWER METAL.
  6. Life 2.0
    by Star Eternal
    Persona Non Grata Persona Non Grata
    Very good progressive POWER METAL from Australia. I love the female/male vocal style, especially that they are quite different yet compliment each other so well.
  7. Run With The Wolf
    by DRAKKAR
    Under The Banners Of War Under The Banners Of War
    Many thanks to my friend Majbritt Levinsen for this gift. I can't believe I've only heard of them recently. Such great POWER METAL from Italy.
    by Illegal Bodies
    Carrying the Fire Carrying the Fire
    Epic traditional metal on overdrive. Combines the true epic ness of the genre and incredible strength. Manilla Road on steroids. A compliment, I assure you.
  9. Immortal Champions
    by Sanctifyre
    Warrior Spirit Warrior Spirit
    An awesome blend of speed, heavy and POWER METAL that will release the warrior spirit in you (which also happens to be my favorite track.) Lots of energy and passion.
  10. World of Ares
    by Thousand Suns
    World of Ares World of Ares
  11. The Triumph Demo
    by Infinity Fortress
    Circumvent the Fae Circumvent the Fae
    An okay symphonic POWER METAL demo. It's a hit and miss for me, but I am interested in hearing more from them.
  12. Emblem
    by Emblem
    Soldiers of Steel Soldiers of Steel
    True warrior metal at its finest. Growing up with bands like Manowar, Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol, Emblem fits right at home with my ears. A great release.
  13. "...Of Conquest"
    by Scythia
    Into the Storm Into the Storm
    Absolutely fun folk POWER METAL with progressive additions and death core-style vocals. If you generally enjoy this style, this album is a must own. I feel silly that I just now own this record.
  14. Amain
    by Crimfall
    The Last of Stands The Last of Stands
  15. A World Beyond
    by Time Shadow
    Reign Of Metal Reign Of Metal
    Quite an impressive debut LP by Time Shadow. They encompass what POWER METAL is all about: speed, power, melody and passion. Production is a bit off, but don't let that sway you. This album is very good.
  16. The Masterplan
    by Silent Knight
    Evil is Thy Name Evil is Thy Name
    So Silent Knight takes their first album, re-records it and makes a good record 100x better. They are one of today's great POWER METAL bands and The Masterplan is even more majestic than before. Epic, powerful and passionate. If you love POWER METAL, then this is a must purchase.
  17. Land Of The Dead
    by Wölfrider
    Land Of The Dead Land Of The Dead
    Heavy POWER METAL in the style of Grave Digger, with a more epic sound. I'm in love with this EP.
  18. Charge Into Glory
    by Hundred
    Charge Into Glory Charge Into Glory
    An epic heavy metal masterpiece. Only 2 tracks, but both tunes are absolutely spectacular. What true metal is all about.
  19. Apex
    by Unleash The Archers
    Cleanse The Bloodlines Cleanse The Bloodlines
    Unleash The Archers gets better and better with every release. Apex is an absolute masterpiece of an album! It's currently my album of the year. Incredible POWER METAL. Brittney Slayes is the today's version of Ronnie James Dio. A grand slam of a record.