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Heather Ogilvie

  1. Montreal, Québec
  2. Pop
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  1. Under The Net
    by Brave Radar
  2. Mono No Aware
    by Mono No Aware
  3. Eye to Eye
    by Omhouse
  4. Divine Creature
    by Data
  5. Deceit In Passion
    by Savant
  6. Paradise String
    by Moon
  7. Don't Leave Me In The Dark
    by Vesuvio Solo
  8. Entropiques
    by La Fête
  9. the honestly hour
    by no problem
  10. Womusic Woman
    by soft opening
  11. Betty Told Me
    by The Submissives
  12. Songs
    by Watering
  13. Remember The Moon
    by Lab Coast
  14. Kleenex / LiLiPUT
    by Kleenex/LiLiPUT
  15. As If Apart
    by Chris Cohen
  16. Des Moines
    by Des Moines
  17. The Shape of Your Head
    by Mono No Aware
  18. Greville Tapes, Vol 2
    by Greville Tapes Music Club
  19. CS035 - Sniper
    by Advertising
  20. SAD HUMANS 2002
    by Mono No Aware
  21. Homebody/Heaven For Real 7" Split (EC003)
    by Homebody/Heaven For Real
  22. Heavily Spaced
    by Each Other
  23. Water the Next Day
    by Un Blonde
  24. Zoo Du Québec
    by Moss Lime
  25. Sonatine
    by Telstar Drugs
  26. Trading Basics
    by Palm
  27. Drawn Into Mazes
    by Chairs
  28. Stripped
    by Dories
  29. Dirger
    by Learning
  30. Fountain 2
    by Fountain
  31. Serfs of Today
    by Jons
  32. Cosmic Troubles
    by Faith Healer
  33. Change of Heart
    by TOPS
  34. Kristalløze
    by GrainMail
  35. Moon
    by Moon
  36. Favors
    by Vesuvio Solo
  37. U S B E P
    by NONI WO
  38. Sheer Luxury
    by Lonely Parade
  39. EP
    by NVN
  40. On Firm Ground
    by kurvi tasch
  41. Message Centre
    by Brave Radar
  42. Glam Returns
    by Walrus
    by Special Costello
  44. Corrupt the Youth
    by The Mouthbreathers
  45. Weird Problem
    by Red Sea