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  1. The Haunting
    by Bad Manor
  2. The Tide is Ebbing
    by Boat Cop
  3. Teeth fall from the open eye.
  4. I Tried Catching You But You Fell Through Me
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
  5. Obsession Destruction
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
  6. Armed to the Teeth!!
    by Curta'n Wall & Fugitive Wizard
  7. Ночной бросок / Чёрная комета (Tracks for Children of The Underground - Charity Compilation by Black Cascket Records)
    by Труп Колдуна / Warlock Corpse
  8. Поганое восхождение (Track for Various Artists - ОКРАИНА III by BTBS Records)
    by Труп Колдуна / Warlock Corpse
  9. Demo I
    by Warlock Corpse
  10. SIDE PROJECT: Lord Horoz - Профанация Евхаристии
    by Lord Horoz
  11. Split
    by Siege Golem, Труп Колдуна
  12. Return of the Black Comet
    by Warlock Corpse
  13. Древний Костолом
    by Warlock Corpse
  14. Возвращение в Подземелья
    by Warlock Corpse
  15. Faron - World Beyond Grief
    by Faron
  16. Curta'n Wall - Terr'ble Death
    by Curta'n Wall
  17. SPECTRAL SPECTRUM - Strange Souls Vol. 1
  18. OLDE BARD - Blood of the Horde
    by OLDE BARD
  19. Old Nick - "The Truest Spell"
    by Old Nick
  20. Curta'n Wall - Crocodile Moat!!!!!!!
    by Curta'n Wall