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  1. Creaks (Original Soundtrack)
    by Hidden Orchestra
  2. Dreamhop Jazzytime
    by Somatoast
  3. Peculiarity
    by Rhizomorphic
  4. Movement EP
    by Thriftworks
    Hauntingly beautiful goblin hop. Love all the blips and clicks and wiggles and wobbles. Some times I think a pack of wild monkeys is just jumping around on the keyboard because I don’t know how them fangers do it boiiii. Wander through the labyrinth of this mans mind and chillax for a while…just follow the theremin sounds in the distance if you get lost ;)
  5. ONYX EP
    by Droplitz
  6. Animalistic
    by ATYYA
  7. Where LP w/ DMVU
    by Dillard
  8. diffusion. EP
    by pheel.
    gawf. gawf.
    So creative. Loving the sense of rhythm being crafted and anticipated with each individual sound becoming an element of percussion. Great big phatty wobbles and merps and twirbbles throughout. Pheel has such a nice wide sound to wrap your head around.
  9. Lunar Biscuit
    by Somatoast & Bun
    Enchantingly intoxicating lushness softly drifting through layers of misty twinkling faerie lands
  10. Thicc Magicc
    by Somatoast
    Guess What Guess What
    The chonk is real with this one. Miraculous melodies and invigoratingly deep, bouncy, resonating vibrations will squiggle and wobble you right out of your chair and into a dancing fit as if the universe was playing with a marionette doll. Artwork is so on point too. Just all around a wonderful release, really enjoyed hearing his mixes recently on the livestreams as well!!
  11. A Lucid Nature - 24 bit
    by Various
  12. Messages From The Resonator
    by Globular & Geoglyph
    Take Down Everything Take Down Everything
    Great Googly Moogly, these two together is a force to be reckoned with!! Absolutely delightful album. Well thought out flowing architecture of sound...a whole world of deeply resonating vibes to get lost in. Thank you for crafting such blissful audio experiences each and every time Globular!!!
  13. Guess / Know
    by Supertask
  14. Thomson's Lamp EP
    by Supertask
  15. Net User
    by Supertask
  16. Death / Life
    by Supertask
  17. Transitions
    by Supertask
  18. Supertask x Saint Sinner - Get to You
    by Supertask
  19. Ether / Matter
    by Supertask
  20. Rings
    by Supertask