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  1. The Inevitable Filth of Mankind
    by Grab
  2. 2021 Label Sampler
    by Transcending Obscurity Records
    by Black Space Riders
  4. The Witchhammer
    by Kråkslott
    By every account, this is a staggering EP that shows this band is worthy of a look of attention with every step they make from here on out something that must be watched, heard, and heralded.
  5. Before & After
    by Auteur
  6. Chosen by the Sea
    by Devils Reef
  7. Malum Genesis
    by Steingrab
  8. Głoryja Śmierci
    by Ljosazabojstwa
  9. F'htansg
    by Esoctrilihum
  10. Live at Pale Horse Sound
    by The Penitent Man
  11. The Great Beyond
    by Sunyata
  12. TURNED TO STONE Chapter 2: Masamune & Muramasa
    by Howling Giant/Sergeant Thunderhoof
  13. Machines
    by Face Off
  14. Mauled By A Magical Bear With Scalding Hot Liquid Cheese Spraying From Its Eyesockets
    by Chopping Mall
  15. From the Mire
    by Bog Wizard
  16. Excavation
    by Brontosaurus
  17. Father of Death
    by LáGoon
  18. Eternity Of Shaog
  19. The Curse
    by Hellhookah
  20. Ruin
    by Foretoken