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Adam Gashlin

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  1. Gentle Video Game Guitar Covers For Relaxation
    by Super Guitar Bros
  2. Toki Tori 2
    by SonicPicnic
  3. Kefka/Lavos
    by Cory Johnson
  4. ZiGGURAT Original Soundtrack
    by Andrew Toups and the Action Button Entertainment Orchestra (featuring Large Prime Numbers)
  5. Shatter - Official Videogame Soundtrack
    by Module
    by Marshall Art
  7. Closed System Blues
    by Bit Shifter
  8. Zelda & Chill
    by Mikel
  9. LoZ: Metal
    by Artificial Fear
  10. FFVII: Metal
    by Artificial Fear
  11. Dead at War
    by Artificial Fear
  12. Ocarina of Time
    by Super Guitar Bros
  13. Nice.
    by Super Guitar Bros
  14. Super Meat Boy! - Digital Special Edition Soundtrack
    by Danny Baranowsky
  15. Super Meat Boy! Soundtrack
    by Danny Baranowsky
  16. The Legend of Zelda
    by Cory Johnson
  17. 8-Bit Lebowski: 100% Electronic
    by Chipocrite
  18. Frog Fractions
    by Twinbeard
  19. Rock n' Roll Cereal
    by Entertainment System
  20. The Teaching Machine
    by an0va