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  1. Hymns
    by Jack Harlon &The Dead Crows
  2. Gorm
    by Gorm
    Triton Triton
    2019: A Space Odyssey!
    A fascinating and memorable sonic journey with five intricate heavy slabs of spacey psychedelic jams that any respected marijuanaut should enjoy and fully appreciate this entrancing and illuminating hour like an episode exploring the Cosmos with our much esteemed Carl Sagan.
  3. Gran Muro de Coma
    by Iglesia Atomica
    Marvelous psychedelic symphony completely improvised and recorded live in studio, with the palpable overwhelming chemistry and musicianship of this cosmic power trio. Four slabs of trippy instrumental psychedelia, that will set you in for a hell of a ride through other-worldly guitar solos floating around heavy gravitational fields layered by the hypnotic rhythm section with additional keyboards and samples here and there.
  4. Smokey Mirror EP
    by Smokey Mirror
    Sword And Scepter Sword And Scepter
    Freight train of Heavy Psych Blues!
    Gnarly jams with melting riffs, hazy grooves and acid solos in a nod to Radio Moscow, Joy and Ty Segall's Fuzz.
    They already have the best EP of the year... it`s only a matter of time until they join the rank of the bands above!
  5. The Drought
    by Holy Mount
    Division Division
    The Drought, shows the quartet at his best with heavy doomy drones, ghostly enchantings and superb guitar riffs/solos filled with fuzz reverberating through the Black Mountains above into the Dead Meadows below.
  6. Tuesday Blues
    by Dukes Veda
    Stoned Stoned
    A spiral of emotions, constant shifting between slow and low mellow dramatic moods to fast and heavy fuzzed out snaps filled with lightning riffs and flaming solos, powerful vocals and a stomping rhythmic section in the same vaine as Led Zeppelin, Cream or Blue Cheer."
  7. Oracles
    by ZAUM
    Peasant Of Parthia Peasant Of Parthia
  8. What The Fuzz!
    by The Black Wizards
  9. Lake of fire
    by The Black Wizards
  10. Akmé
    by SageNESS
    by Astrodome
  12. New Cruiser
    by BLOWN OUT
    New Cruiser New Cruiser
  13. Elephant Tree
    by Elephant Tree
  14. The Cosmic Nod E.P.
    by The Cosmic Nod
    Black Rubber Black Rubber
  16. Melas
    by Lé Betre
  17. Gravity Works
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  18. I Have Tasted Devil's Blood
    by MÆNTIS
  19. Camel Driver
    by Camel Driver
  20. Olde One Ascending
    by Vokonis
  21. Galactic Cannibalism
    by Major Kong
    Diabolic Mind Control Diabolic Mind Control
    "... a quick fix for all the fuzz & feedback junkies!"
    Full review here:
  22. Liquid Sun
    by The Spacelords
  23. Sun Rot
    by BLOWN OUT
  24. Interstellar Translator
    by J A V A
  25. Land Mammal
    by Land Mammal
  26. Eidolon
    by ZAUM
  27. Died With Fear
    by Les Lekin
  28. Laid Low in the Dust of Death
    by Sinister Haze
  29. You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons - Population IV (CFUL035)
    by You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons
  30. Red Wizard
    by Red Wizard
  31. Himalaya To Mesopotamia
    by ZAUM & Shooting Guns
  32. Wicked Lady
    by Fool Magician
  33. At the Edge of Space
    by Dos Brujos
  34. Hudu Akil
    by Hudu Akil
  35. Indeterminate
    by Cloud
  36. 2018 MER SAMPLER
    by Riffs And Spliffs
  37. Death Trip
    by Hazy Sea
  38. Creations EP
    by Cegvera
  39. Limestone Whale
    by Limestone Whale
  40. Desert colossus
    by Desert Colossus
  41. Demo
    by King Buffalo
  42. Jealous Of Shit And Shine
  43. Stratus Nimbus
    by Stratus Nimbus
  44. Erudite Stoner
    by Erudite Stoner
  45. Overdrive
    by Fusskalt