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David Clark

  1. Wildomar, California
  2. Punk
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  1. Expressions
    by Disengage
    Expressions Expressions
  2. Straight Edge Revenge
    by Project X
    Straight Edge Revenge Straight Edge Revenge
  3. The Sanity Universal
    Product of a Time Loss Scenario Product of a Time Loss Scenario
  4. Bad Seed
    by Bad Seed
    Through My Hands Through My Hands
  5. Sievehead
    by Sievehead
    Desire Desire
  6. Peripheral Vision
    by Turnover
    Cutting My Fingers Off Cutting My Fingers Off
  7. Praise
    by holy war
    Intro (hatepunx) Intro (hatepunx)
  8. Disengage
    by Disengage
    I Am... I Am...
    Disengage brought out a very raw and uncut side of Straight Edge Hardcore with this self-titled EP. A perfect recommendation for those who are a fan of the genre.
  9. Everything Between Paint and a Wall
    by Grandview
    7 7
    This album is just so well written. The whole motif is moving, the opening and closing tracks come together so well, and everything in between is refreshing. I totally recommend this for anyone who is a fan of Seahaven, Citizen, or The Wonder Years.
  10. Nothing Is
    by Karoshi Boy
    Boomerang Boomerang
    These guys are from a few cities over from mine, and I knew them when they went under the name "Zissou". I had their original demo, and this first EP is definitely a local favorite of mine. I recommend it for fans of Title Fight, Weezer, and Jawbreaker.
  11. A Few Good Things
    by Run Forever
    Letters Letters
  12. Winter Demo 2011
    by Ages
    New Year's Eve New Year's Eve
  13. Sleep On It
    by Ages
    12:34 12:34
  14. B-SIDES
    by Ages
    Draft Draft
  15. Wanderer
    by Keepsake
    Wanderer Wanderer
    These guys came through the house venue that my close friend Pierce runs, and they really put on a show. This EP is another refreshing addition the the Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore genre, and I hope to see them gain some ground in the future.
  16. It's Raining
    by Fist Benders
    "I know" "I know"
    These are some close friends of mine, and they really did something great with their first record. It surprises you, touches you, and has some words to say that illustrate things you thought you could never put into words.
  17. Die On Stage
    by Hostage Calm
    Someone Else Someone Else
    This album, while despite it being their note to end on, left me wanting so much more from this band. It is beyond anything a band nowadays can really offer up, from the old school rock influence to the still aggressive punk mentality.