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Hampus Podzim Wikmark

  1. Malmö, Sweden
  2. Electronic
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  1. KF96 - Keep It In The Family EP (Remastered / Reimagined)
    by Hyper On Experience
  2. KF83 - The Family Man EP
    by Hyper On Experience
  3. KF94 - Idealz - Heavyweight EP
    by Kniteforce
  4. Subtropical
    by Warren Schoenbright
  5. The Static Seekers
    by Casual Sect
  6. Premium Champion
    by Working Mens Club
  7. Beats Like This EP
    by Coco Bryce
  8. We're All Disturbed LP Sampler
    by Response & Pliskin
  9. GBWLP 01 - Phineus II - Meridian Response (3 X 12" Vinyl Limited - Pre Order)
    by Green Bay Wax
  10. Tim & Coco's Pack Of Lies
    by Tim Reaper & Coco Bryce
    Dreamscape (Thunderdome) Dreamscape (Thunderdome)
  11. Seki Setsu
    by Coco Bryce
  12. Blunted Breaks Vol.1
    by Various Artists
    Adventures In Perception Adventures In Perception
    A perfect document of the current state of jungle music. Old-school sounding without being derivative.
  13. Eleven
    by Junglist Vampire
  14. Crazysummerlovemagicgogogo!!!
    by Junglist Vampire
  15. Blunted Breaks Vol.1 (LP Sampler)
    by Various Artists
  16. GBW 008 - Kid Lib, Dwarde & Tim Reaper - The Amen Therapy EP Vol. 2 (12" Vinyl - Limited)
    by Green Bay Wax
  17. BOGUSMUFF 01 - Pill & Dread's Bogus Journey (12" Vinyl - Limited)
    by Green Bay Wax
  18. Kush, Hoops, Rhymes & Pizza Places EP
    by Baby Meelo
  19. Endless Misery
    by Dead Existence
  20. Revenant
    by Human Cull
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. BUNIT004
    by Om Unit & Sam Binga
    by Juke Bounce Werk
    Surly - The Future Surly - The Future
  23. Trip II Eclipse EP
    by Dead Man's Chest
  24. Diamond Life 03
    by Myor
  25. Massiv 02
    by Myor Massiv
  26. Soundboy Don't Push Your Luck / 368ft High & Rising
    by Sully
  27. Blue Dreamers / That Special Way
    by Kid Lib
  28. Featherstone
    by Lewis James
  29. METHPLA026 - Ice Cold EP
    by Detboi
    Ice Cold (Blood On The Drums) Ice Cold (Blood On The Drums)
  30. METHXX02 - Better Than Tomorrow / Gangbusters
    by Fracture
    Gangbusters Gangbusters
    Definitely prescient when it was released 5(!) years ago, this release definitely has a place on the Chicago-London axis of current and exciting dance music.
  31. META053 - Kid Drama - Trife EP
    by Kid Drama
  32. Manse-Tek Vol. 1
    by Manse-Tek
    Shotgun Orchestra - Destructive Raver Shotgun Orchestra - Destructive Raver
  33. (ENDE214) Tusk Mite - Plastic Planet
    by ENDE Records
    mushroom clouds mushroom clouds
    Extremely nice debut album. Maintains an IDM-esque weirdness throughout most of the album but without losing ferocity as some similar sounding acts.
  34. XTC
    by DJ Different
  35. Ups and Downs
    by forlorn2000
  36. Darkness At Dawn EP
    by Dead Man's Chest
  37. Nomine Sound 004 [Debt Collector EP]
    by Nomine aka Outrage, Digital and Rene La Vice
  38. Jump The F@#* Up
    by N-Vitral & Igneon System
  39. Jigore 010
    by FFF, Osh-Kosh, Ben 9mm and AcdBrnOut
  40. Amen Break Collection
    by 6Blocc
  41. AcdBrnOut Kick Pack Vol. 2
    by AcdBrnOut
  42. [SRCOMP 005] V.A. - Sociopath Document No.3
    by Sociopath Recordings
    Carl Brown - Furious LaForge Carl Brown - Furious LaForge
  43. LEGS RECS 019: Core Tea Vicar?
    by Scrubber Fox/Sadistic Foxician
  44. LEGS RECS 010: Self Obliterated Nihilism
    by Monad
  45. [Sociopath 033] Hybrid System & Podzim - Annihilation Operators
    by Hybrid System & Podzim
    Hybrid System - Straight Outta Shinagawa Hybrid System - Straight Outta Shinagawa
    Check out this EP! A pair of futuristic Reese workouts by Austro-American jungle genius Hybrid System followed by two mashup rave bits by Sweden's least known breakcore artist, Podzim.