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  2. Jazz
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  1. Cosmic Country Revue - Live at PDV 03/31/23
    by Cosmic Country Revue
  2. Laugh Ash
    by Ches Smith
  3. The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis
    by The Messthetics
  4. UPLIFT: Twelve Pieces for Positive Action in 2018 | Preview
    by Dave Douglas
  5. Nonsense
    by Emmeluth's Amoeba
  6. Do You Remember
    by Remembrance Quintet, featuring Daniel Carter
  7. Unusual Object
    by Josh Johnson
  8. GIFTS
    by Dave Douglas
    by WET TUNA
  10. Lights That Burn Twice As Bright
    by Ffion
  11. Crossings Four
    by Ned Rothenberg
  12. Eye Of I
    by James Brandon Lewis
  13. Hexentanzplatz
    by Alice Hubble
  14. Pith
    by Tomas Fujiwara
  15. Better A Rook Than A Pawn
    by Edition Redux
  16. Familia
    by Recabarren Menares Vazquez
  17. Roses in the Casement Window
    by Cat Tyson Hughes
  18. Drei Formen
    by arovane
  19. Parallel Universe
    by Isaiah Collier
  20. "A loose kite in a gentle wind floating with only my will for an anchor"
    by Keith Tippett Septet