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Harsh Agarwal

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  1. Atamor
    by atavi
    France is entering a golden age of folk inspired music and the hurdy gurdy is at the centre of it. Transcending and Hypnotic!
  2. I May Never See You Again
    by Saba Alizadeh
  3. Light Through Open Blinds
    by Spheruleus
  4. Built Upon a Fearful Void
    by William Ryan Fritch
  5. ramak (şiddet denetimi)
    by sanr
  6. Myths
    by Kaya North
  7. Machine Learning Poetry
    by kāve
    I have been extolling the craziness of the Iranian scene of the past few years, but artists like Kave are making sure there is no letting off, not anytime soon.

    Prepare for some uninhibited, unadulterated catharsis.

    OH MY GOD!
  8. Grapes Upon The Vine
    by TV Girl
  9. Recovery Position
    by Gum Takes Tooth
  10. Sapiduz
    by TAL
  11. In The Cell of Dreams
    by Shackleton & Zimpel with Siddhartha Belmannu
  12. ElMosameh Sherine
    by Qow
  13. কাপল
    by Bengal Chemicals
  14. তারক
    by Bengal Chemicals
  15. Fiesta en el vacío
    by Fiesta en el vacío
  16. Trio Not Trio - Trzecia
    by Aidan Baker, Tim Wyskida, Daron Beck
  17. Katzwijm Sessions
    by Jrpjej
  18. Goring
    by Bo Sedkid
  19. Teghnojoyg (2023)
    by Babe, Terror
    I have been shouting this from the top of my roof for so long so I better say it here too:

    Babe, Terror would have a Burialesque reputation if he was born in Western Europe or America. It's an absolute travesty that major music publications wouldn't put any light on this truly groundbreaking music. It is complex beyond anything I have ever heard. If you haven't come across his music before you need to dig into his discography, now!
  20. Duets
    by Lenhart Tapes