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  1. Corbyn Sceptic Club
    by Kev Hopper
  2. Gringo in São Paulo
    by Rita Braga
  3. The Glossolalia Gospels
    by Anthony Osborne
  4. Ridiculous Extravaganza
    by Apocalypse Jazz Unit
  5. Transits Of Venus
    by Anthony Osborne
  6. Sepertae
    by Daniel Spicer and Paul Khimasia Morgan
  7. Warp & Weft
    by 46000 Fibres
  8. Villa K
    by Geoff Leigh & Makoto Kawabata
  9. Soilpipe
    by PRP Group
  10. Stories
    by Reagan Mitchell
    by Kek-W & Posset
  12. Trails Of Kings And Peasants (The Sunset Perspective) - February
    by Karl M V Waugh
  13. We All matter and we are all made from matter
    by Robyn Steward
  14. [0+0=0]
    by Various
  16. A Thousand Concreted Perils
    by Richard Sanderson
  17. Virtual Vacation
    by Plastiglomerate / boringcharlie.
  18. I Hear You
    by Kassia Flux
  19. The Fog
    by Tony Irving & Massimo Magee
    With a haggard and unblest air With a haggard and unblest air
  20. Smut
    by Orchestre Murphy
  21. The Gab, Gift or Curse?
    by The Plain People Of England
  22. Bogtrotting
    by Orchestre Murphy
  23. "Glare Luring Yo"
    by Body / Gate / Head
  24. No Deal
    by Melanie De Biasio
  25. Reaching For Indigo
    by Circuit des Yeux
  26. Heart of the Sun
    by William Hooker
  27. Atavism
    by Yoshimi
  28. Frankincense
    by Orchestre Murphy
  29. Selfish Sentiments
    by Bing Selfish and The Windsors
  30. Howie Reeve & Mike Watt
    by Howie Reeve & Mike Watt
  31. The Ridges
    by Diamondstein
  32. Singles
    by Sun Ra
  33. Adrift
    by The Murphy Love Experience
  34. De Natura Sonorum
    by Bernard Parmegiani
  35. Salute
    by The Intercosmos Project
  36. In A Kitchen
    by Tony Irving/Adam Cadell
  37. Presque Rien
    by Luc Ferrari
  38. In Orbit
    by Sunburned Hand of the Man Meets Byron Coley
  39. Mad Mystic Landlady
    by Purple Implosion
    by Snoqualmie Falls
  41. TTSS with Bauer/Gordon/Young (Denver)
    by Thollem's Traveling Sessions (2017)
  42. Plane symmetry groups
    by Silent Invisible Radiation
  43. The Indefatigable Logic of Bing & Bob
    by Bing Selfish and Bob Hopeless
  44. Weaving
    by Jo Johnson
  45. Black Sabbeth
    by GONGA