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  1. Cloudland
    by Jurko Haltuu
  2. Segments
    by Stu Sibley
  3. 100 Fogs
    by Jose Fleury
  4. You were away
    by Stray wool
  5. Recording
    by Jet Jaguar
  6. brokendatapool
    by Belly Full Of Stars
  7. rapid history
    by softbits
  8. a weekend
    by midcentury modular
  9. kel
    by kel
  10. Superstar
    by Caroline Rose
  11. The Black Sun Transmissions (2011)
    by Jasper TX
    Weight Of Days Weight Of Days
    Dark, brooding, cinematic and ultimately emotionally intense. At times melodic and melancholic, but also powerfully noisy. An album both dreadful and beautiful.
  12. Holy Ghost People
    by Dollkraut
  13. Milk
    by Ezra Fike
    Whorl Whorl
    I love how this album combines almost naive pop melodies and grooves with dense drone/ambient elements. It doesn't feel inconsistent though, everything is masterfully framed by the fragility and corroded patina of old tapes and a luminous sense of joy.
  14. shimmer
    by snake of june
  15. Where to begin
    by Kate Carr
  16. Geografinės būsenos
    by Pijus Džiugas Meižis
  17. Interstellar Invasion – Original Motion Picture Score
    by Imbued Vagary
  18. 時之翼 epoch
    by dropp
  19. Heliopause
    by Nathan Moody
  20. Ghost Piano, Part 1
    by Noise Trees
    Shift Shift
    There is a strong sense of fragility that permeates the delicate piano loops used to create the tracks on this album. It's sometimes really like listening to a disembodied piano sound coming from who knows where. A sound which you can't clearly identify, but which seems to permeate the room.
    A sound coming from another time, or a memory which you had forgotten you had.