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  1. Olympus
    by Stray Gods
  2. Blackvale
    by ELANE
  3. The Saberlight Chronicles
    by Fellowship
  4. A Crack In The Sky - A Tribute To William J. Tsamis
    by Stray Gods
  5. Onslaught of the Ancient Gods
    by Temple of Demigod
  6. Hymn To The Woeful Hearts
    by Pure Wrath
  7. Hanter Savet
    by Vindland
  8. Afterlife In Darkness
    by Depressed
  9. Antologi MMXV
    by Murdryck
  10. Earthtorn
    by Drift Into Black
  11. Onward
    by Black Therapy
  12. The Great Old Ones
    by Temple of Demigod
  13. Apokalyps
    by Defiatory
  14. Garden Of Death
    by This Ending
  15. Beyond The Realms Of Time
    by Sands Of Eternity
  16. The Seven
    by Agathodaimon
  17. Where The Light Comes To Die
    by Bleeding Utopia
  18. Magnum Opus
    by IATT
  19. In Cold Blood
    by Bloodphemy
  20. The Far Star
    by Apotheus