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  1. Sticki EP
    by Snail Mail
    ghost ghost
    she has pure emotion in the lyrics and in her vocals. the guitar just rolls along as if effortlessly; she has captured a sound all her own.
  2. dandelion hands is dead!! vol 2
    by dandelion hands
    eat me out eat me out
    something i can chill to. i was so excited for this to come out. its sick as heckk.
  3. perfect shirt
    by Fox Academy
  4. Bloody Civil
    by Tha Soloist
    The Glorious Bastard ft. DJ TMB (C-Lance) The Glorious Bastard ft. DJ TMB (C-Lance)
    he has such emotion in his rhymes and utter truth. gives me chills.
  5. Amy Locust Whatever
    by CBMC
    smking to dth smking to dth
    it has a perfect mix of sweetness and that gloomy feeling. i can close my eyes and its like everythings ok .