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  1. The Hunt
    by Ulvesang
  2. Inert & Unerring
    by Genune
  3. Sem Propósito
    by Bríi
  4. Biolume Part 2 - The Golden Orb
  5. ...And Again Into the Light
    by Panopticon
  6. Corrupted Pillars of Vanity
    by Ætheria Conscientia
  7. My Bones Shall Rest Upon The Mountain
    by Earthshine
  8. Ice Fleet
    by KAUAN
  9. Goat Horns (re-master 2016)
    by Nokturnal Mortum
  10. “The Voice of Steel” by NOKTURNAL MORTUM. 2CD
    by Nokturnal Mortum
  11. Nokturnal Mortum - Мировоззрение/ Weltanschauung 2CD DIGI
    by Nokturnal Mortum
  12. Turm am Hang
    by Horn
  13. May Our Chambers Be Full
    by Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou
  14. Pred dverima noći
    by Bròn
  15. Teufelsgeist
    by Urfaust
    Offerschaal Der Astrologische Mengformen Offerschaal Der Astrologische Mengformen
  16. Get Out Of Your Mind
    by Ten Foot Wizard
  17. Triebe
    by Ellende
  18. Nihilistischen
    by Minenwerfer
  19. Volkslieder
    by Minenwerfer
    The Battle of Verdun The Battle of Verdun
  20. Yes I Am (Remastered)
    by pg.lost
    The Kind Heart of Lanigon The Kind Heart of Lanigon