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  1. VR Food original soundtrack
    by Malcolm Mills
  2. Fourth Floor
    by Mouth Washington
  3. Goes West
    by William Tyler
  4. earthly hangups
    by hikikomori
  5. Peng Variations
    by Elsa Hewitt
  6. June West
    by June West
  7. Targeted Individual
    by Knife Worship
  8. Somewhere Nice, Someday
    by Infinity Girl
  9. T.V. Surfin
    by Pond Scum
  10. What Have You Done To My Water
    by Beverly Tender
  11. Bad Vibes
    by Shlohmo
  12. Plastic Cough
    by Great Grandpa
  13. God Luck and Good Speed
    by Weedeater
  14. Lost In The Dream
    by The War On Drugs
  15. CCFX EP
    by CCFX
  16. hot trash (songs of love & pain part one of nine)
    by kkidss
  17. Hands in Our Names
    by Karima Walker
  18. Modern Country
    by William Tyler
    The Great Unwind The Great Unwind
    A gorgeous, soul-stirring album. 'The Great Unwind,' in particular, is a remarkable song.
  19. Sun Stain
    by Jess matsen
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Our Lady Star of the Sea, Help and Protect Us
    by Tica Douglas
  21. Olesi Fragmentals
  22. DUNE Drift (Tucson Compilation)
    by T O P A Z
    Lori Lechien & Daniel Lutz - I'm So Depressed (Abner Jay cover) Lori Lechien & Daniel Lutz - I'm So Depressed (Abner Jay cover)
    I've had this tape for a few years now, and it got me through a long winter with a broken iPod and a pretty shitty selection of tapes — except this one, which I happily listened to on repeat (practically) for months on end. Now buying it in digital form so that when the tape wears out, I'll have a backup.
  23. u used to be so good to us
    by Greef
    Trouble Trouble
    Music that trembles with emotion — thank you Pete ♡
  24. A Place I'll Always Go
    by Palehound
    Room Room
    A frank, tender album. On first listen it felt quiet, almost reserved, but subsequent listens revealed a powerful energy in these songs. When I found this album, it reminded me of the connection I felt with some of my favorite artists when I first found their music.
  25. Social Atoms
    by DUNE RATS
    This album "makes me feel young again," or something. Pick a sunny day, go for a drive, roll down the windows, and yell along.
  26. Tender Madness
    by Jenny Besetzt
    Restlessness Memorialized Restlessness Memorialized
    Echoey, new-wave-esque vocals over reverberating guitar and a steady drumbeat — almost as if Depeche Mode met the Strokes, except I don't particularly like the Strokes, and I like this band.
  27. American Sound
    by Japanese Breakfast
    Triple 7 Triple 7
  28. Psychopomp
    by Japanese Breakfast
    Everybody Wants to Love You Everybody Wants to Love You
  29. Doubt
    by King Woman
  30. The Sorcerers
    by The Sorcerers
  31. Electric Guitar One
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  32. Madrid
    by Saint Sister
  33. The Boat Of The Fragile Mind EP
    by Belle Mare
    The Boat Of The Fragile Mind The Boat Of The Fragile Mind
    Dreamy, translucent, muted, sleepy, sparkling.
  34. Melt EP
    by Magic Potion
  35. Peripheral Star
    by Broken Water
    Stop Means Stop Stop Means Stop
    This album has an energy that vibrates deliciously between dark and ethereal, heavy and energetic. Keywords are distortion, drone, echo, fuzz.
  36. Tired Eyes
    by Cayetana
    Age Of Consent Age Of Consent
    Cayetana's "Age of Consent" cover is thrilling — I listened to it on repeat when I first came across it. "Freedom1313" is also wonderful, with a frustrated, haunting quality. The album feels like a bottomless cup of coffee in a hip early-aughts diner.
  37. The Overpass
    by Hungry Lake
    My Love My Love
    Sucked me in with the first track. Vocals on "My Love" reminded me of Sparklehorse, but with a melancholic rawness at the fore. The album's accessible indie-folk tone belies the true hopelessness at the core of these lovely songs.
  38. Generation
    by De Lux
  39. We Are Blues People
    by Slow Joe Crow & the Berserker Blues Band
  40. Piss of the Century
    by Kal Marks
    Piss of the Century Piss of the Century
    This is the musical equivalent of drinking too many beers on the porch in the summer. Rough and languid, engaging yet despicable.
  41. Treasure Coast
    by The Heavy Minds
  43. Rose Windows
    by Rose Windows
  44. Σtella
    by Σtella
  45. Naughty By Natural
    by Prom Body
    Money (I Hate You) Money (I Hate You)
    Energetic without giving a fuck. Music for summer, music for flipping people off to, music for driving with the windows down and the volume up.