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  1. The Looking Glass E.P
    by Mathew Lefi
    Looking Glass Looking Glass
  2. Another Fragile Year
    by Robin Mitchell
    Do not let the darkness overtake you Do not let the darkness overtake you
    Dubbed as Bristol's most prolific producer/songwriter, Robin's latest fireside offering is sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholy. Drawing on the highs and lows of 2015, this is really ought to be the soundtrack to your Christmas-time reflections.
  3. feather weight soul tape Volume V: Down in the city
    by Robin Mitchell's featherweight soul
    we are the people, they are not the people we are the people, they are not the people
    This album really is one of my favourite listens of the year. Think songs which tell stories and sounds which transport you far away.
  4. Dust
    by Robin Mitchell
    Dust Dust
    I love the music and the man behind this lovely EP: it'll warm up even the wintery-est of your days!
  5. Kite Festival
    by Lobo Marino
    Golden Flea Golden Flea
    Such a moving live album with the audience participating in the vocals and percussion. Self describes as 'tribal freak folk'... nice!
  6. Fields
    by Lobo Marino
    El Morro (San Juan, Puerto Rico) El Morro (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
    This has such a special sound, having been recorded in different towns all around the States. I absolutely love the rain and thunder on 'El Morro'. If you're looking for something evocative and exciting, this is it.
  7. Esses Patifes
    by Ruspo
    Brasilia é Luisa Brasilia é Luisa
    This is low-fi, Brazilian inspired FUN. It will make you want to go travel.
  8. The Moustached Warbler
    by Kugelplex
    A completely charming track which blends old Romanian and Moldovan folk and klezmer tunes into something originally marvellous.
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  9. Garage Recordings 01
    by Candy Says
    Favourite Flavour Favourite Flavour
    Love these garage pop sounds!
  10. Dysnomia
    by Dawn of Midi
    Nix Nix
    When I listen to this I think of being a beetle in a playground... THIS IS A GOOD THING.

    warm acoustic dance music...
  11. The Halfway There EP
    by toyface
    Beige Walls / Version 2.0 Beige Walls / Version 2.0
    Uplifting jazzy pop from my paradisaical hometown of Bristol.
    by Trophy Wife
    Absence Absence
    A stellar recommendation from @robinmitchell. Oxford tunes for Oxford nights.
  13. Voices
    by Robin Mitchell
    This song will be the spiritual soundtrack to your rainy autumn days. Listen and it'll sink right in. Just beautiful.
    by James Wallace and the Naked Light
    Dancing Star (No Naked Light) Dancing Star (No Naked Light)
    I first heard JWATNL as the soundtrack to a Perennial Plate short film about Turkey and I thought it was marvellously folky pop. I still do.
  15. Thou Art The Dream
    by Branches
    Helicopter Helicopter
    Just about the catchiest folk pop album I've heard in ages. It'll put you in an excellent mood.
  16. ¥¥¥
    lossless lossless
    Electro pop to relax to or, as I'm currently doing, learn Russian vocabulary to.
  17. Organismo
    by Adron
    Basta Basta
    Melancholy tropical sounds. Suitable for desert islands and urban jungles.
  18. Demo
    by Cicada Rhythm
    Hands Hands
    Someone recommended this to me a long time ago and good things come to those who wait. Double bass loving.
  19. Disarm
    by She Makes War
    Scared To Capsize Scared To Capsize
    Feisty and great. This woman has style.
  20. Like Lovers
    by Arran Arctic
    Pastoral Pastoral
    I think this album is just so perfect. It sounds like the mountains.
  21. Future Roots Vol Uno
    by izzy wise
    Klumzia Klumzia
    This is amongst many other things a delightfully crazy mix of Cumbia and Klezmer. Sounds like an Odessan beach party. Wonderous!
  22. Harvest Star Vol. 3
    by Harvest Star Collective
    Something Beautiful Something Beautiful
    The newest and springiest addition.
  23. Harvest Star, Vol. 1
    by Harvest Star Collective
    Spring Spring
    Love the idea, love the reality (collaboration between the poppy folksters of the American Southeast and Midwest)
  24. Alto
    by Alto
    Ghost Ghost
    Pacy and piercing with some of the best vocals I've heard for ages and excellently jazzy strings.
  25. Clube de Futebol
    by O Presidente
    Buddy Buddy
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  26. Fast Dance On A Nail
    by Zoo For You
    Leaf Leaf
    I love anything Smugglers Records related and Zoo For You is no exception. Sexy funk music.
  27. Sitting Music
    by Abdominal and The Obliques
    Broken Broken
    Faultless acoustic hip-hop.
  28. Garage Sessions Vol. II
    by Little Fish
    There's A Place There's A Place
    Garage rock with soulful vocals.
  29. Have You Met My Friend
    by New Mexico
    Motion Sickness Motion Sickness
  30. Her Name Was _French Cinema_
    by Jordan O'Shea
    Sleeping Birds Sleeping Birds
    This album is mesmerising. Wistful, beautiful lyrics and vocals.
  31. 'His Young Heart' EP
    by Daughter
    Landfill Landfill
    I've heard so many people raaaave about Daughter and rightfully so, THIS IS GOOD STUFF.
  32. All Our Dancing Days
    by Hope and Social
    By the Morning Dew By the Morning Dew
    Yorkshire rock! By the Morning Dew is a nice jazzy track, too.
  33. Little Songs About Raindrops
    by Lullatone
    Yesterday Yesterday
    Recommended for all Brits abroad, who miss the sound track of their homeland (rain).
  34. fly on
    by Jacob Montague
    this is not a piano this is not a piano
    Beautifully mellow electro-folk sounds. Maybe I am being adversely influenced by staring at the cover title and artwork but this does actually sound like a feather doing an air adventure.
  35. On a Tightrope to the Sun
    by Jacob Montague
    London London
    And even more beautiful electro-folk.
  36. Slow Dawn
    by Yuta Suzuki
    Wind In The Evening Wind In The Evening
    Japanese elctro house. For zoning.
  37. Cotton Wool and Knotted Wood
    by Hope and Social
    Cotton Wool Cotton Wool
    Indie folk goodness, I heartily recommend.
  38. Everything Could Be Fine
    by Sun Glitters
    too much to lose too much to lose
  39. Storyteller
    by Maza Blaska
    Midnight Walker Midnight Walker
    Pretty tracks with a faraway feel.
  40. Back To The Grain
    by Chill Bump
    It's Alive ! It's Alive !
    Clever French Hip-Hip III
  41. Hidden Strings
    by Chill Bump
    Life has Value Life has Value
    Clever French Hip-Hop II (my favourite album of these three)
  42. The Loop
    by Chill Bump
    Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home
    Clever French Hip-Hop I
  43. A Harvest Star Christmas
    by Harvest Star Collective
    On His Shoulders On His Shoulders
    Wonderful because it is christmassy in an evocative, gentle way rather than an obnoxiously sentimental way. Warning: the song 'Christmas Day' might make you cry.
  44. Through the Deep, Dark Valley
    by The Oh Hellos
    Eat You Alive Eat You Alive
    Folky and aside from lovely vocals, the lyrics make this a winner, alternating between pretty, playful and gloomy.
  45. Seven Hour Night Shifts
    by Jet Rodriguez
    Simplest of Times Simplest of Times
    This sounds like a folk band playing some mighty tunes on top of a Himalayan mountain a.k.a I LIKE IT