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  1. Resurrection Bay
    by Side A - M.S.W. Side B - Thou
    Sheol Sheol
  2. Pure Disgust
    by Pure Disgust
    Potential Criminal Potential Criminal
  3. RR7349
    by S U R V I V E
    A.H.B. A.H.B.
    by Hands Of Thieves
    Wrath Weaver Wrath Weaver
  5. Be Ever Wonderful
    by Waldo
    Central Station Central Station
  6. demo
    小便 たれ 小便 たれ
  7. In the Wind
    by R.I.P.
    Black Leather Black Leather
    In the Wind is such a nice change of pace from the usual genre trappings of doom...instead of weed-fueled dirges you have mid-tempo foot stompers injected with whisky and gasoline. R.I.P. almost near a desert rock-esque tone at times, but never stray too far from their doomly intentions. Also, holy shit that album cover!
  8. The Curse That Is
    by Graves At Sea
    The Curse That Is The Curse That Is
  9. Resin
    by CRUD (FL)
    Hammer Hammer
    Was a big fan of the previous iteration of this release--a solid throat-clearing sludge assault. Also, props to the engineer for actually including a tangible low end in the mix, I honestly think an emphasis on bass and drums is the most important element of the subgenre.
  10. Demo 2016
    Cleans Cleans
    The vocals sound like Leonardo DiCaprio getting gored by that bear from The Revenant. So yeah, worth it. Jokes aside, if this is OCKULTIST's demo material, then count me in for all of their future releases. The goopiest of sludge.
  11. Ruins
    by Body Void
    Swan Swan
  12. Constraint / Sickmark Split EP
    by Constraint
    Constraint - Paths Diverge Constraint - Paths Diverge
  13. Asexual Anger
    by Love Sex Machine
    Asexual Anger Asexual Anger
  14. Powers of Two
    by Shades
    Powers of Two Powers of Two
    Great for late-night driving through the city--glitchy, nocturnal hitters laden with rumbling sub bass and abrasive synth lines. London is once again proving itself as the capital of dark and heavy electronic music. Reminds me a bit of The Bug's classic "London Zoo."
  15. Weltschmerz
    by Fórn
    Saudade (Part I) Saudade (Part I)
  16. Grim Ravine
    by Grim Ravine
    Dying Sun Dying Sun
    DENNNNNNNNNSE as hell. Will inevitably blow out my car speakers with this slab o' sludge. Recommended for fellow fans of this new golden era of ultra filthy sludge/doom acts like Midmourner, Sithter, Fattura Della Morte, Gangrened, Hell etc.
  17. Distorted Solitude
    by Desert Crone
    Earth's Savage Darkness Earth's Savage Darkness
  18. Cliff Of Death II
    by Deniro Farrar
    World On My Shoulders World On My Shoulders
    Many rappers use violence as superficial source material for their music, but not nearly as many honestly portray the pain that violence causes. Deniro Farrar delivers hard-hitting, lock n' load tracks like "War," but is also able to reel it in and bring an introspective and haunting take on the aftermath with "World On My Shoulders." Also props to Young God for the really moody and atmospheric instrumentals.
  19. Da Rocinha 3
    by Sango
    Tamborzão (Intro) Tamborzão (Intro)
  20. Jaguar Pyramids
    by Jaguar Pyramids
    Pull Up Pull Up
    Super addictive gutter rap, lots of slaps on here. Big fan of the grimy instrumentals--they compliment the lyrical content really well. I do agree with the others though, lose the trendy autotuned bars on track 6 guys, you're better than that.
    by Balam
    Bound To The Serpent Bound To The Serpent
    I'm VERY picky when it comes to throwback Metal in general. But everything from the vocal stylings to the drum fills are just so on point. I mean shit, there's like a four minute drum solo at the end of "Bound to the Serpent"--these guys just get it.
  22. Coughing Blood (Demo 10/31/15)
    by GraveCoven
    Summoning vengeance (and contagion) Summoning vengeance (and contagion)
    I like Swamp Witch, I like Bog Oak, so by the associative property or something I also like GraveCoven. I dunno if that's even right, I didn't pay attention in math.
  23. Split 7"
    by Fórn / Yautja
    Ancient Tongues Ancient Tongues
    Devastating and unexpected split from two of the underground's heaviest hitters. When I first saw that these two were putting out a split together, I was slightly perplexed considering the wide genre gap, but now that I've listened to both songs back to back several times, they actually play off of each other really well.
  24. Split 7" w/ Dead Issue
    by FIEND
    Hatred Scourge Hatred Scourge
    I don't always listen to grind, but when I do, I listen to FIEND. Their material generally doesn't last longer than the time it takes to warm up one side of a microwave burrito, but that's really how it should be with music of this intensity. Pure catharsis, highly recommended. Very excited to see them live w/ Noothgrush soon.
  25. The Devil and the Almighty Blues
    by The Devil And The Almighty Blues
    The Ghosts Of Charlie Barracuda The Ghosts Of Charlie Barracuda
    At first I thought, "what the hell do Norwegians have to do with the blues?" I wrote it off as straight up appropriation. And then I listened to the album...I might have been too hasty with my judgements. These guys rule.
  26. Evilfucker
    by Sithter
    Death Sonic Cemetary Death Sonic Cemetary
  27. Cthonic Rites
    by Moss
    Crypts of Somnambulance Crypts of Somnambulance
  28. Never Say Live
    by Moss
    Eternal Return Eternal Return
  29. Sub Templum
    by Moss
    Ritus Ritus
  30. Carmilla (Marcilla)/Spectral Visions
    by Moss
    Carmilla (Marcilla) Carmilla (Marcilla)
  31. Tombs of the Blind Drugged
    by Moss
    Maimed and Slaughtered Maimed and Slaughtered
  32. Horrible Night
    by Moss
    Horrible Nights Horrible Nights
  33. We Watched The World Turn to Ash Through The Porthole of Our Bunker
    by God Jr.
    The Ladder The Ladder
    These guys belong in the 90s, they're like a pastiche of every good grunge band I grew up listening to. Great stuff, really varied selection of tracks so it never gets stale.
  34. Sint
    by Livid
    Sint (Part 1) Sint (Part 1)
  35. Split LP w/ Pray For Death (2014)
    by V rukou osudu
    Zpověď, odpověď, výpověď Zpověď, odpověď, výpověď
  36. Much Grease Much Misery
    by Fattura Della Morte
    Interesting Times Interesting Times
    I've said it once and I'll say it time and time again, you truly can't go wrong with Aussie Sludge/Doom, and FDM are no exception. Is it the heat? Is it those giant cans of Foster's? Is it the plethora of murderous animals stalking the outback? I sure don't know. But what I AM sure of is that this EP is rad to the max and I definitely recommend it to all my fellow Sludge and Doom fiends.
  37. songs of lament
    by yautja
    breed regret breed regret
    It's more Yautja, nuff said. I swear these guys are the most slept on metal band at the moment. See them live! They're monsters!
  38. Derailed EP
    by FIEND
    The Decline The Decline
    I rarely delve into Grind territory, mainly because the genre can be a tad hit or miss in terms of quality. But these dudes are so fast, and so furious, that they should just ditch Vin Diesel and the lot for Fast 8 and instead show five minutes of Fiend playing live.
  39. N.V.
    by Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw Their Tongues
    Visceral Repulsion Visceral Repulsion
    The feel good album of the year, just in time for the holiday season! But seriously though, this is one of those albums that I would have hidden from my parents when I was 10. In fact, scrap that, I'm about to go hide this in a folder on my computer titled, "2015spreadsheets" or something else super unassuming and boring. Pure mangled viscera thrown into a hate blender. That's really how I can best describe this.
  40. Split LP
    by Noothgrush/Coffins
    Noothgrush-Jundland Wastes Noothgrush-Jundland Wastes
    You have Noothgrush, Coffins and Tusken Raider sound clips all in one place--what more do you need exactly?
  41. Beware The Limits LP
    by The Shitty Limits
    Transitions Transitions
  42. THOU - The Archer & The Owle
    by THOU
    Something In The Way Something In The Way
    Can never really go wrong with Thou--they've established themselves as a band that consistently puts out high quality releases. Also, there are very few bands that I would trust with Nirvana's material, but these dudes do a killer job on the Something in the Way cover. Fantastic juxtaposition of blackened growls and tender vocals.
  43. Container Ships
    by Kowloon Walled City
    The Pressure Keeps Me Alive The Pressure Keeps Me Alive
  44. The Cavern
    by Inter Arma
    The Cavern The Cavern
    This has been hidden in my wishlist for a while now, not sure why it took me this long to pull the trigger. Saw these crazy bastards play this whole song (with a little Sky Burial mixed in) start to finish without breaking a sweat. Hugely talented and versatile guys--if you're just a metal fan in general, there's something here for you.
  45. Demo (instrumental)
    by CRUD (FL)
    Hammer Hammer
    Sludge/Doom fans where the hell are you guys? This is the shit! Very reminiscent of Oakland Sludge greats like Noothgrush/Brainoil (and even a little overseas love from Iron Monkey mixed in there too). Gutter filth for enthusiasts of the slow & the low.