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  1. Western Haunts 2014 LP (preview)
    by Western Haunts
  2. Will
    by Animal Ghosts
  3. Singles /// 2022
    by DA/ZE
  4. The War: Act II
    by The Family Crest
  5. Transmissions
    by trauma ray
  6. PROMO 19
  7. Third Chain - EP
  8. Cue of the Moon
    by Young Mammals
  9. Prologue...
    by Static Dress
  10. Love on My Mind
    by Bambara
    Little Wars Little Wars
    recently broke up with my first long-term partner, so this hit a little close to home. ironically, he shared a name with one of the characters in the lyrics.

    anyway, great EP. Bambara keeps on getting better. looking forward to what comes next.
  11. Live in Atlanta: The Last Show on Earth, 14 March 2020
    by Algiers
  12. clean.
    by Static Dress
  13. For the first time
    by Black Country, New Road
    Science Fair Science Fair
    the tremor in this man's voice gives me shivers
  14. With Friends Like You
  15. Dream Songs
    by Devon Welsh
    By The Daylight By The Daylight
    earnest and you can feel it
  16. Red Hair EP
    by Seakid Mollusk
    Red Hair Red Hair
  17. Roughhousin' EP
    by Noogy
    A.C.A.B. A.C.A.B.
  18. In the wake of everything
    by Hollow Inside
  19. Leaper
    by Beliefs
    Leaper Leaper
    the liminal space between sleep and waking life

    or just falling asleep in a crowded place
  20. Heavenly Creatures
    by Holy Motors