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  1. Stray
    by Bambara
  2. Uneasy Laughter
    by MOANING
  3. Dance Alone
    by BOYO
    by Bambara
  5. am
    by Ovlov
  6. SWARM
    by Bambara
  7. wmd / grind
    by trauma ray
  8. Stray
    by Bambara
  9. Without
    by Dead Neighbors
    Fake Fake
    This album is really good and musically engaging. well-written and stuff.
    first heard it on ktru... and then immediately came here and bought it lol
    appears in 1 other collection
  10. That's The World
    by Anti-Lilly & Phoniks
  11. You Left The Light On (B-Sides)
    by BOYO
  12. Trembler
    by Trembler
  13. A V
    by Surface to Air Missive
  14. Yuck
    by Alpine
  15. Yellow Jacket
    by Seakid Mollusk
  16. Kill the Man
    by Britt
  17. Soaked
    by Hot Flash Heat Wave
  18. Colors
    by EL LAGO
    Colors Colors
  19. re:start
    by mutesite
  20. Sensum - EP
    by Angel Aura
  21. Shadow On Everything
    by Bambara
  22. Thus Far
    by DeVante Hunter
    appears in 1 other collection
  23. 91 Regal
    by Anti-Lilly
  24. Moaning
    by MOANING
  25. Forget The Night Ahead
    by The Twilight Sad
  26. Cease & Desist
    by Young Mammals
  27. Over Exposures 光復 - Single
    by Prune Deer 話梅鹿
  28. Irreversible
    by FUR
  29. Years
    by FUR
  30. A Flourish and a Spoil
    by The Districts
  31. The War: Act I
    by The Family Crest
    by boy pablo
  33. The Dongo Durango
    by sun club
  34. The Air Conditioned Nightmare
    by Doldrums
  35. The Mixtape
    by RAT BOY
  36. Deserve
    by Weed
    Silent Partner Silent Partner
    gritty, beautiful melodies... will miss their sound <3
  37. Can't Get Past The Lips
    by BRONCHO
  38. Spring Songs
    by Title Fight
    Be A Toy Be A Toy
  39. Twin Galaxies
    by Delta Sleep
  40. Mein
    by FUR
  41. No One Can Ever Know
    by The Twilight Sad
  42. Ha, Ha, He!
    by MOURN
  43. You Should Know By Now
    by Girls Names
  44. Running Back
    by Weed
  45. Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave
    by The Twilight Sad
    In Nowheres In Nowheres