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  1. Ness - Moving Through Illusions
    by TGP
  2. Experimente Illusori
    by SHMИ
  3. Ness: Mentalist
    by Tensal, Aleja Sanchez & Ricardo Garduno, Ness, Edit Select
  4. Settling
    by Svarog
  5. The Void
    by Deepbass
  6. Fallers
    by Deepbass
  7. Irini
    by Luigi Tozzi
  8. Occasional Burst
    by CHPTR
  9. Formation 2 (INFORMA013)
    by Various Artists
  10. Aurea Aetas (PROXIMA003)
    by Dorian Gray
  11. Binocular Disparity (Blazej Malinowski Remix)
    by hidden traffic
  12. Wastelands
    by Luigi Tozzi
  13. Bunker
    by Balthazar
  14. Tornante
    by Antonio de Angelis
  15. Quadripartita Ratio (PROXIMA001)
    by Surt
  16. Fixon - AD
    by Fixon, Eric Fetcher, Mental Resonance, Antonio De Angelis
  17. Nostalgia For The Future EP
    by Dorian Gray
  18. Ending Point
    by Conrad Van Orton
  19. We are iN
    by Irshad Hussein
  20. Chemist
    by Citty
  21. Andon 1
    by Troy
  22. A Fraction of Time
    by Stratum
  23. Distrophism EP [DREF39]
    by Viels
  24. Oka
    by Woo York
  25. Flight 103
    by Deepbass, Ness
  26. Claudio PRC - Atik #2
    by Insolate, Abstract Division, Claudio PRC, Allen
  27. Insolate - Deviant Behaviour
    by Insolate, Abstract Division, Claudio PRC, Allen
  28. Contact With The Machine LP (INFORMALP002)
    by Deepbass
  29. End Of Perception - ЛаBа VA 002
    by End Of Perception
  30. Search Continues
    by Deepbass
  31. Parallel Planets
    by Kill Acid on Space
  32. Instrument
    by Citty
  33. Byqtzal Myth
    by A Thousand Details
  34. Was Try It
    by Surg
  35. Live in Cyprus
    by Dreamstalker
  36. Time And Again
    by Deepbass
  37. Battle For The Mind
    by Deepbass
  38. The Spaceship Of Imagination
    by Ness
  39. Celestial Sphere
    by Lewis Fautzi
  40. Degrees
    by Lewis Fautzi
  41. CHPTR XV
    by CHPTR
  42. Reciprocity
    by Reggy Van Oers
  43. A Personal Voyage (Original Mix)
    by Ness (incl. Iori & Evigt Mörker remix)
  44. Keikari - Homistaa - ETGD002
    by EarToGround Records
  45. Dryad
    by Luigi Tozzi