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  1. Adelaide, Australia
  2. Rock
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  1. DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST
    by Toby Fox
  2. Atlas
    by FM-84
  3. don't forget.
    by Slime Girls
  4. I Wanna Meet Richard Dreyfuss
    by Gabriel Gundacker
  5. The Electric State
    by Simon Stålenhag
  6. Wilderness
    by Alana Jagt
  7. Aelita
    by Vucari
  8. Self Titled
    by Carla Lippis & The Martial Hearts
  9. Chewing Out Your Rhythm On My Bubblegum
    by Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls
  10. Blood Sport
    by Thee Loose Hounds
  11. The Revenge of The Pukes
    by The Pukes
  12. Stuart Highway
    by The Bitter darlings
  13. The Movie
    by Shitbox Jimmy
  14. Cats Against Catcalls EP
    by SATKW
  15. I Love You...But Rum Is Better EP
    by The Villenettes
  16. Rev It Up With Taz
    by Hillbilly Hellcats
  17. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  18. Angeleno
    by Sam Outlaw
  19. Lady Luck
    by The Villenettes
  20. My Dark Past
  21. TEA
    by TEA
  22. A Motown Tribute To Nickelback
    by A Motown Tribute to Nickelback
  23. V For Villendetta
    by The Villenettes
  24. The Best Life
    by Son of Dad