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  1. A Tale
    by Synergetic Voice Orchestra
    by 平沢進 / Susumu Hirasawa
  3. Cracked Out Dreams Yazzus Remix
    by GLOR1A, Yazzus
  4. I miss my CPU
    by 养鸡,GG Lobster
    hell the world hell the world
    fun music!
  5. Emotional Dance Music
    by jiafeng
    Useless Cuteness 可愛沒用- Y4K Mix Useless Cuteness 可愛沒用- Y4K Mix
    good energy. also the y4k mix is really good vocals
  6. ARIA
    by Ivy Hollivana
    love the atmosphere and fun melodic shapes!
  7. The Detective Is Dead
    by Mute Branches
  8. Nameless Dreamers - Bejewelled Grotto & Exploring Quartz Temple
    by Equip & R23X
  9. Distorted Bayer
    by emamouse
  10. signal boundaries
    by Oisyl Awdly
  11. Symphonic Core 88: Synthetic Core 88 HD Remaster
    by Equip
  12. Voyage Original Soundtrack
    by Calum Bowen
  13. Beyond
    by Sleepsang
  14. Now That's What I Call Yelzin
    by Yelzin
    Basic Instinct Basic Instinct
    really exciting atmosphere and texture and rhythm
  15. In the Darkness of the Planet After the Extinction of Gaia
    by White Goblin
    Eyes of Wood Eyes of Wood
    amazing forest atmosphere. game music
  16. PS1 Reverb: Impulse Responses
    by Shirobon
  17. Ghos
    by Tenser Timpani
  18. The Nutcracker (2020)
    by Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky, arr. David Kanaga
    Miniature Overture Miniature Overture
    I now want to arrange classical music
  19. Looks Lived In EP
    by Devin Gabriel
  20. The Box
    by OH HEE JUNG 오희정